11 thoughts on “Cat Hot Tub”

  1. Smom,

    “Got talked into a hybrid dog yesterday.”

    So. It runs on dog AND cat food? 😉

  2. In the stone age of my childhood before air conditioning, our cat would lie in the sink to stay cool. Very cute picture.

  3. Got talked into a hybrid dog yesterday. Cats are so much easier.

  4. cat’s probably thinking ‘that you have a camera instead of a warm towel and massage oil is not relevant to my interests’.

  5. “A little after this photo, a plumber arrived and explained that the couple had hair build up in their sink . . . ” but advised that a can of tuna, not Draino, would clear the problem right up.

  6. I will refrain from making a ‘catty’ remark about those Cats in a Hot Tub Spoof…

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