Drunken Stupar: Woman Found Passed Out in Van With Toodler — With Five Times the Legal Limit for DWI

This is a frightening story. In Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Joleen Stupar, 40, was found passed out in her running minivan with her 3-year-old car strapped in the back. She was found to have been driving with a blood alcohol level that was five times the legal limit.

The officer was about to break Stupar’s window when she came to and opened the door. The officer said that, when he asked for her license, she proceeded to tie a plastic grocery bag shut instead. They later found a half empty bottle of 80 proof Vodka. On her way to the police station, Stupar allegedly proceeded to threaten to kill the officer.

Her alcohol blood level was tested at 0.39. She was previously twice convicted of driving while intoxicated.

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10 thoughts on “Drunken Stupar: Woman Found Passed Out in Van With Toodler — With Five Times the Legal Limit for DWI”

  1. Stupor.

    Jonathan Stupar is a tight end for the Buffalo Bills.

  2. Breathing Human being, Wisconsin, Sheboygan? Snowmobile Capitol of the North and Drunk? Come on, surly you kid me. Someone drinks in Wisconsin? Call the news, the press, radio.

    Nah, not surprised at all. I have heard this rumor about people from Wisconsin. It start Snowing about late September and you have a drink. Then about May it quits snowing and you quit drinking about the same time.

  3. texas tornado,

    If you don’t like the typos, find some place else to chirp. Reading this site is kind of like life, ya never know what its going to bring. Must be nice to have such a neat and orderly odorless life. We could all be so lucky. We you a child “protege” of John Steinbeck, per chance? or William Faulkner? Please, please tell me.

  4. Wisconsin is apparently the DUI capitol of the US. You can score a surprising number of DUI convictions there without it being a felony.

  5. texas tornado,

    Does anything good come from a tornado? (Out of respect for all those who post here you will notice I did not mention texas.)

    Back to the thread:

    A force greater than vodka was watching out for that three year old.

  6. Dear Mr. TX Tornado: It was 5 times the legal limit, not 500 (I think she’d be a corpse in that case). Also, I think most people would realize that the three yr. old’s car seat was in the back seat of the car. Respectfully, there is a corrections section for typos. We all appreciate the interesting, shocking, off beat and funny posts that Prof. Turley makes and wonder how he does it with such a busy schedule. He doesn’t have to do this, so a few typos now and then are fine. Besides, what lawyer doesn’t have a typo now and then. Have a great day.

  7. What’s up with this story. 500 times the legal limit with her 3 year old CAR strapped in the back. Proofread people!!!

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