Man Chases Kite Over Rock Outcroppings and Dies After Falling into Ocean

Dennis Keith Brockus, 45, in Oregon died in an example of the danger of flying kites near cliffs or rock outcroppings. Brockus was reportedly chasing his kite when he fell off rocks and into the ocean.

Brockus may have been trying to retrieve one of his kites when he fell into the ocean and was recovered later around 100 yards offshore.

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7 thoughts on “Man Chases Kite Over Rock Outcroppings and Dies After Falling into Ocean”

  1. I can’t resist….did they have insurance and possibly a policy of double indemnity for acts such as this…..?

  2. For those of you with your unkind and smart ass remarks, I will make sure to do the same when a family member of yours has an accident & it’s published.

    He attempted to recover his very expensive kite that went over the edge. Unfortunately he lost his footing & fell. No, no drugs or alcohol were involved.

  3. What a crazy story. Lemmings come to mind after I read a story like this. Were there any drugs or alcohol involved?

  4. Hey Shire, you never heard of the prehumous Darwin Awards? People are dying to get on that list.

  5. And the Monks in Tibet have been know to Kite-Fly. They attach themselves to kites and will go with the wind. Of course tethered and reined back in to avoid mishaps.

    This gentleman should have taken lessons, but when you are looking up sometimes you don’t see whats down….

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