One Husband Too Many: Colorado Woman Charged With Marrying Soldier While Husband Deployed in Iraq

Authorities in Colorado Springs, Colorado have brought a relatively rare bigamy case against Tammy Ann Wilson-Patton, 29. She is the wife of Eugene Alton Patton Jr., who returned from a thirteen-month deployment in Iraq to find his wife married to another soldier at Fort Carson.

While she is accused of having various affairs, authorities did not follow the recent example of New York prosecutors and charge adultery.

Patton allegedly used a false social security number and faked her father’s signature on a marriage certificate. (It is not clear why she needed her father’s signature but I assume it was as a witness). It is interesting that the stories report that the husband’s commanding officer “annulled the marriage.” I was not aware that commanding officers had that authority.

She is charged with bigamy, forgery, and attempt to influence a public servant.
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11 thoughts on “One Husband Too Many: Colorado Woman Charged With Marrying Soldier While Husband Deployed in Iraq”

  1. I agree with Prof. Turley. I don’t see how any military superior can “annul” a marriage. Of course they may think they can, but … I am not sure civil authorities will recognize the annulment.

  2. I ‘spect Ol’ Tammy iz a’gonna’ be sangin’ this purdy song from the pokey/hoosegow

  3. Mike A.,


    I hear in high school she was an athletic supporter too. You do have to give the gal points for civic spirit though.

  4. Well, Mz. Tammy Ann shudda at lest writ Patton a Deer John letta ‘afore comminshin’with her lyin’, cheatin’, cold-hearted low-down, double-crossin’ ways..

    Sang Hit Ferlin’! …”when the postman come to me and he handed me a letter, oh, I was as happy as I could be…and the letter stared out Dear John…”

  5. At least she will never be accused of not supporting our troops.

  6. Why in the world would she want two husbands … I have enough trouble handling one.

  7. I am of the understanding that once you sign on or get signed on you are the property of the C.O. If you wish to marry, you must obtain permission.

    If the C.O. has that authority, could it also be stated that they have the ability to annul a marriage?

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