Not Recommended By 9 Out of 10 Dentists: Boy Pulls Tooth With Rocket

This boy was not satisfied with the door knob approach to tooth pulling and decided to modernize the concept with a rocket.

This is a procedure out of the Wernher von Braun school of dentistry.

Below is the another such procedure using a larger rocket for a molar. If you look closely you can see the dental floss trailing the rocket:

12 thoughts on “Not Recommended By 9 Out of 10 Dentists: Boy Pulls Tooth With Rocket”

  1. roflol

    FFLEO, it’s probably hard to tie a string to an appendix. They’re slippery. I’m not saying he wouldn’t try though. 😀

  2. Whelp, no one cain say that kid is as dumb as a door nob and he will likely end up as a astronut…

    Them 1 out of 10 teef docs ‘Fesser noted is degreed from the DHSRD ( Doc Holliday’s Skool of Redneckin’ Denstry)

    I sure hope that kid don’t get appendahcitus

  3. I was disapointed that he wasn’t using a firework rocket. Oh well, still a few more teeth to go.

  4. The Green Party seems to be assisting in Perry’s re-election. They apparently have teamed up with DeLay’s folks.

  5. Should it not be re-phrased 9.9 dentists and CPS do not recommend pulling teeth this way?

  6. As my grandfather was fond of saying in these situations, “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”

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