Crisp Justice: Man Jailed For Blowing Bubble in Court

Mirza Zukanovic, 20, was sent to jail in Australia this week for blowing a bubble in court. Magistrate judge Rodney Crisp wants 30 days in jail for Zukanovic to break him of his bubble habit.

Zukanovic was appearing on an assault charge when he popped a bubble in front of the judge. I assume that counsel had no idea he had gum in his mouth since lawyers routinely make defendants remove gum before appearing in court.

He is appealing his sentence.

Judge Crisp was more restrained than our own Judge Recant who was reprimanded for various excesses including handcuffing a man who was chewing gum in her courtroom.

Kudos: Bdaman

8 thoughts on “Crisp Justice: Man Jailed For Blowing Bubble in Court”

  1. Aye but therein lies the rub, Bonnie. As tea baggers demonstrate, the value in books is in the reading, not the eating.

  2. A sentence of being force fed a few books by Miss Manners would be better.

  3. I can’t wait for these control freak judges to get old and sick, and start living at the whim of the “little” people who they been so hard on for such minor infractions.

    These will be the people who will inevitably take care of them in the nursing home or in a home care situation. Let’s see how big and powerful you are when you can barley wipe your own a**. What will the penalty of your keepers be when you mess yourself yet again? A little poke or pinch? Maybe no food for you. Who knows! It will probably be as arbitrary as these ridiculous rulings.

    Power is transitory and doesn’t last forever. Sorry, control freaks.

  4. 30 days seems radically excessive. That said, I can definitely see a judge locking someone up to scare them if they read their behavior as not just unconsciously rude but insolent.

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  6. Michale will be happy to know someone else is blowing Bubbles now.

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