Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all on the Turley Blog (and even those on other blogs). I was awakened this morning with breakfast in bed by the four kids with grits, fried eggs, applewood bacon, and toast. We are going for a long hike in the mountains.

Here is a charming video that I saw recently. To my late father, Jack Turley, who is always much in my mind on Father’s Day:

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  1. JT:

    “As you know, we encourage regulars to procreate to expand the audience for the blog, so Happy Father’s Day.”


    Good call on the hike postponement. It was so hot in Richmond today, I had to ignore all the work around here and watch the US Open full time while sipping some Dewars. Sadly, Mrs. mespo is off with her sister and the kids sunning at Myrtle Beach, so I enjoyed the solitude and eschewed the procreation request as Suzanne would likely not be willing to permit me such a sacrifice for the blog in her absence. Poor, pitiful me!

  2. And I’m glad your gang had a good day at the Navy Yard, Prof.

    Sounds like a wonderful day.

  3. Although I’ve said before I’m probably past the age where I’d want to father a child (or more importantly the women in my age bracket are rapidly losing interest in or already have kids), I will comply to the best of my ability and keep practicing for procreation. Just in case.

    In honor of Father’s Day.

    And to help circulation numbers, of course.

    One lives to be of service.

  4. The cast of “Father Knows Best” is probably not the best exemplar of Father’s Day. Robert Young was an alcoholic during the show. Billy Gray was using drugs. Elinor Donahue was in an unhappy youthful marriage. Lauren Chapin lived in an extremely dysfunctional family and went on to do drugs and prostitution. Only Jane Wyatt had a normal life.

  5. The detour to the Navy Yard was a good idea on a hot day. It was a beautiful, but hot day here in Northern Illinois. A whole day without rain is rare lately!

  6. Happy Father’s Day to all and I must say parenthood can be very rewarding.

  7. JT, I’m not sure that’s such a great idea. How many more mutants do we really need in the world? Happy Fathers Day to All who celebrate!

  8. And just one more,the best way to describe this I will call an ode to a father and the reaction to his actions;

  9. Happy Fathers Day All,Sorry to be late to the party but another busy day please enjoy my contribution:

    1. We actually skipped the mountains due to the heat (100 degrees today). Instead, we went to the Navy Museum at the Washington Navy Yard (I am a military history buff) and had a ball. They even had a replica of the ship my Dad served on and the kids were able to sit on the type of machine gun he operated in the Pacific. Then we came home and I had my favorite bloody marys made with the pre-made bloody mary mix in a bottle called “Birth of Pain” for those of us who like our Bloody Marys hot and spicy. A great great day! I hope today was fun for all of our fathers. As you know, we encourage regulars to procreate to expand the audience for the blog, so Happy Father’s Day.

  10. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers that were, are, and will be those great dads we revere. GREAT video.

  11. Happy Father’s Day to all of my fellow Fathers. It is a day to relax and put your feet up and remember how big of an influence you have been or can have on your children and their lives. Of course, I have to mow my lawn that is currently in Jungle Mode due to the monsoons here in Northern Illinois! Have fun!

  12. Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers of the world. The privilege to be a Dad does not last for one day or one night. Its a lifetime commitment.

    JT, your children appear to be lucky to have a dad as involved as you.

  13. Opps, I meant stay off the lawns! Staffs are what the old guys crack you with, unless you live in states with concealed carry. Then it gets interesting!

  14. Happy Father’s Day, JT.

    I hope you (and the family) have a wonderful day.

    And the same goes for all of you regulars, semi-regulars, lurkers and just plain ol’ reader dads.

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