High Beemer: Drunken Dallas Officer Shown on Video Firing Weapon in Police Car

Off-duty Dallas officer Beemer, 27, is facing a misdemeanor charge of discharging a weapon after she fired a revolver in a squad car after being picked up drunk by colleagues.

The incident occurred around 11 p.m when friends tried to persuade her not to drive home drunk. Another off-duty cop intervened and succeeded in getting her into his car — only to have Beemer bolt from the car and hide.

Two on-duty patrol officers, Miguel Jamaica and Zachary Helm, arrived at the scene. Helm had been dating Beemer. The in-car video captures the later incident. After telling the officers to let her out, she menacingly states “I swear you need to stop now.” She then pulled her gun from an ankle holster and shot into the floorboard. Helms is heard demanding that she drop the gun.

What is interesting is that most people who struggled with officers at such a scene would have been arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct, if not assault. Yet, Helm and Jamaica put her into the squad car without disarming her and proceeded to take her home.

In a rather mild rebuke under the circumstances, Police Chief David Brown insisted that, while they should have arrested Beemer, “[t]he officers were trying to do the right thing but did it in the wrong way.”

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13 thoughts on “High Beemer: Drunken Dallas Officer Shown on Video Firing Weapon in Police Car”

  1. AY

    Sounds like a nice place. How do you get there from here? Never mind.

  2. vlf,

    Having lived for a number of years in Dallas, the answer to your question is “yes”.

  3. I’m sure if this was a private citizen, he or she would have been escorted home, right?

    And, these cops didn’t think to check for firearms BEFORE putting her in the car?

    What is this, the Keystone Kops??

  4. Buckeye,

    The State Fair is held in a relative high crime area of the city and state. It is held off of I-30 and just east of Dallas. The city starts making sweeps beginning in late August though the end of October.

    Google up East Dallas Garland for the year round crime stats. It will not be as back as Oak Cliff but durn close.

    I too would like to see her pull her bun from the ankle holster.

    Question, that I have now is this: It is lawful to carry a weapon in Texas. But it is unlawful to carry a weapon while intoxicated will she be charged as most criminals are?

    Texas allows officer to carry without a permit off duty. But they may not carry while intoxicated. Hmm, what a quandary Craig Watkins has upon him…first a constable resigns for misuse of office. Craig is trying to figure out if he should be charged for misappropriation of equipment entrusted to them.

    The scam, seize a vehicle for no proof of insurance. Then the vehicle becomes missing at the impound lot. Have your deputy’s get stopped for using paper tags improperly registered, run a vehicle check on the vehicle and find out that it is till registered to someone else and is current. Do this for 18 months and have the deputy’s seize one a day a piece and lose them. Seize the wrong person car and try it with them and see where that gets you…a FBI investigation….

  5. So what’s new? It was only a few years ago that the Texas State Fair officials were patting themselves on the back because they only had three shootings during the whole fair.

    I admit I would like to have seen her pull her bun from the ankle holster, though.

  6. Oh, the thin Blue Line. It wavers rarely when it come to the brethren.

    I read this quote this morning and thought it apropos.

    “Nobody has a more sacred obligation to obey the law than those who make the law”

    Sophocles quote

  7. that stupid woman is lucky she wasn’t shot, if it hadn’t been her boyfriend who knows what might have happened.

    she needs to be fired immediately.

  8. I don’t think anyone has a doubt as to how any of us would have been handled in the same situation.

    The bad part is when the other cops start covering for abuses to citizens made by out of control cops & try to cover up those crimes as well.

  9. It was all part of the field sobriety testing being used by the Dallas PD: Hit the target with your firearm; go home (with an escort, no less). Saves a lot of time by dispensing with the backward ABC’s and the walk and turn.

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