Police Officer Reportedly Blocks Couple From Entering Emergency Room And Later Charges Husband With Evading Arrest for Staying With Ailing Wife

Aline Wright probably thought that she had enough tough breaks in her life when her husband rushed her to the emergency room in Chattanooga. Aline is a cancer survivor, amputee, she was showing signs of a stroke and her new husband Jesse Wright ( a nurse technician) ran her to the emergency room. Then she ran into an officer from the Chattanooga Police Department.

Wright stopped at the two red lights between him and the emergency room but proceeded through the lights toward the emergency room. The officer spotted him the second time and followed them to the emergency room. The officer prevented the couple from entering the emergency room as Wright tried to carry Aline into the Erlanger Medical Center. She was unable to walk.

Despite this obvious emergency scene, the officer demanded answers on why they ran a red light. When the couple finally prevailed in demanding to enter the hospital, the officer tried to enter their room to arrest Jesse. Accordingly to the couple, the officer was only deterred from arresting Wright by hospital staff who insisted that, since Aline was unable to speak, they needed the husband to answer questions.

The officer was not done. He returned to the police station and a warrant was reportedly issued for Jesse Wright’s arrest. After being informed, Jesse had to leave his wife’s side and go to the police station, where he was told that they did not have a copy of the warrant. He went back to the hospital and fell asleep by his wife’s side. According to the couple, the security officers then rushed into the room in the early morning and arrested him for the Chattanooga Police Department.

The officer hit Wright with seven charges, including felony evading arrest.

The Chattanooga Police Department insists that they have no reason to investigate unless someone files a formal complaint. Lt. Kim Noorbergen insisted, “[u]nless we receive an Internal Affairs complaint on an officer we trust he is doing his job.”

Of course, there is the media coverage and the public statements of this couple. However, until a formal complaint is filed, it appears that no evidence or allegations are sufficient for the CPD to actually open an investigation — absent a formal complaint.

Obviously, the Wrights should file a complaint and, if these allegations are true, they should sue the city for such an obvious abuse of power and lack of basic humanity.

The account reminds one of another recent case
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