Officers Tackle Jogging Teenagers in Search of Felons

A case in Ohio has triggered charges of racism over the treatment of two kids. DeAngelo Mattox, 16, and Nechia, 12, have filed complaints that they were out for a jog when police tackled them, put guns in their faces, and handcuffed them. Police were looking for felons.

The teenagers complains that they were roughed up, including DeAngelo who had his head slammed into the ground.

The kids had nothing to do with the crime in the neighborhood, which was committed by a middle aged man later arrested.

The case reminds one of the recent case where police released a dog on a kid biking near them.

Source: FOX8

9 thoughts on “Officers Tackle Jogging Teenagers in Search of Felons”

  1. Cops: the fastest growing criminal class in America.

    Lew Rockwell has a good article out today on the subject of our clueless cops, prosecutors, and government officials who have not quite caught up with reality (they are outnumbered and their incessant abuses against innocent citizens will not long be tolerated especially during these uniquely stressful times.

  2. They are not only ‘hiring’ these cops, but electing them as well….Stark County Sheriff Tim Swanson defends his personnel’s criminal actions:

  3. Let me guess as to what the officers response was – “They all look the same”?

    I hope these kids prevail in their complaint.

  4. I’d be interested in hearing the original 911 call … was a description of the possible suspects two black teenagers or was the description one middle-aged man?(a middle-aged man was arrested later)

    Once again … innocent citizens have more to fear from the cops than from the criminals. I sense a kind of tension in Solon that is relatively recent … it’s strange …

  5. That isn’t racial profiling, it is just pure racism. I guess we should be happy that these officers didn’t taze these kids!

  6. Wow.

    Cleveland may rock, but Solon sucks. Where are you guys hiring cops from? The Klan rally just outside the State Home for the Mentally Challenged?

  7. “The kids had nothing to do with the crime in the neighborhood, which was committed by a middle aged man later arrested.”


    [FADE IN on John Belushi, Tom Schiller, and Chevy Chase all dressed as policemen and leading Richard Pryor into the lineup in his black robe. He has a huge bandage on his forehead, and he looks like he’s been beaten up. The policemen all point at him while Pryor cups his hands in a pleading manner.]

    Policeman: Okay, now, ma’am, which man is the one who allegedly robbed your liquor store?

    Woman: Uh, that’s him, the one with the mustache.

    [The three policemen all touch their upper lips to make sure they don’t have mustaches, then nod and point to Pryor again.]

    Policeman: Okay, we’ll take care of him, then.

  8. White kids directly across the street were not treated the same way. Oh my, this is alarming or is it. Seems like racial profiling to me.

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