Two Census Manager Fired For Creating over 10,000 Fake Census Forms

Brooklyn Census Bureau managers Alvin Aviles and Sonya Merritt have been fired for allegedly staying at home and making up census information with the use of phone books and the Internet. Officials believe that at least 10,000 such manufactured forms were submitted by Aviles and Merritt.

The two managers are suspected for falsifying the forms in order to make deadlines.

What is incredible is that Aviles reportedly had other workers fill in the forms — assuming that no one would eventually blow the whistle.

A spokesman for the Census Bureau noted, “[w]e’re not happy about what happened.” Now that seems pretty understated, but these are census people who are generally people of few words.

What is curious is the lack of reference to a criminal investigation since this would appear to be a form of false statements or fraud.

Source: Daily News.

5 thoughts on “Two Census Manager Fired For Creating over 10,000 Fake Census Forms”

  1. Karl Friedrich

    Sounds kind of like what’s going on on Wall Street!


    lol … good one … all good humor has an element of truth

  2. Yep, this deserves a criminal investigation. They could probably manage a charge of mail or wire fraud, depending on how the fake census forms were transmitted.

  3. I guess you could get them for “deprivation of honest services.” Oh wait, the Supremes just struck this law down as void for vagueness [except for bribery and kickbacks, which don’t seem to be involved here]. However, to paraphrase Potter Stewart, “I know deprivation of honest services when I see it.”

  4. Hey these people need there jobs too. Ok, so they were a little over zealous in filling out the forms. If they created new people, I suppose the government is only unhappy with the competition with in an agency.

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