More Wrong that Reich: GOP Accuses Biden of Calling Them Nazis

Some Republicans are expressing outrage today, claiming that Vice President Joe Biden suggested they were Nazis in a recent fundraising letter. Given Biden’s well-known tendency toward gaffes, I was not particularly surprised but it turns out to be entirely manufactured. Biden sent out a fundraising letter warning that the GOP will mount a “blitzkrieg” against Democrats in the fall. Since the Germans used the “blitzkrieg” in World War II and many Germans were Nazis, Biden is accused of calling Republicans Nazis.

Bidens message sent by the DCCC said “As things heat up, you can expect House Democrats will be hit with a GOP blitzkrieg of vicious Swift-Boat-style attack ads, Karl Rove-inspired knockout tactics, thinly veiled attempts at character assassination and tea party disruptions.”

Kevin Smith, spokesman for Minority Leader John Boehner, objected “When will Democrats learn that invoking the Nazis’ crimes against humanity in a political debate is simply inappropriate?”

As a military history nut, I have to object. The blitzkrieg (or lightning war) was simply a military tactic using mechanized forces to move quickly into enemy territory. By the way, the term predates World War II in military articles from the 1930s. Indeed, one reference is found in a book by Fritz Sternberg, a Jewish Marxist political economist from 1939: Die Deutsche Kriegsstärke (German War Strength). Sternberg believed that Germany would have to carry out a Lightning War because of its inability to sustain a long-term worldwide conflict. The tactics were contained in an influential book Achtung – Panzer! by Heinz Guderian and was ultimately incorporated into training for the command for armored forces of the Wehrmacht known as the Panzerwaffe. Hitler later saw a demonstration of the existing blitzkrieg tactics and adopted them for his forces. So at most (even if one puts aside the common usage of blitzkrieg, the GOP could charge that Biden suggested that they were Guderians.

By the way, according to this claim, Nazis are running amok in sports (including basketball, football, and other sports), ad campaigns, and yes politics. Indeed, the word “blitz” is the shorter version of the original terms used to mean “an intense campaign” as in a heavy use of advertisements. In football, it is another term for a “red dog” or the “sudden charge upon the quarterback by one or more of the linebackers or defensive backs when the ball is snapped.” That’s a lot of Nazis.

Indeed, Boehner himself has used the term as in this interview:

Indeed, we’ve been here before. Shortly after Labor Day, the president gave an address to Congress designed to resuscitate his proposed government takeover of health care. That speech was followed by an all-out media blitz.

Before we order a new denazification program, we may want to reconsider the historical and linguistic basis for this latest controversy.

Source: NY Daily News

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  1. mespo SLAP down! i really hope the pretentious ape takes one more swing just so i can revel watching the hammer get dropped again.

  2. Darfur Deng:

    Thank you for your lettered and predictable grunt in reply. Perhaps on your plane of existence, history is as you say, but here on the reality plane we value the truth over mysticism and perceptions born at the end of a crack pipe. Maybe you can use the unwarranted term “racist white trash” (aside: an ironic epithet against a claimed racist by one so pure, I’d say ) more frequently than most modern morons do, but your warped view of history, in general, and the Revolution, in particular (whichever one you mean) places you squarely among those happy pre-history creatures for whom relentless screaming at your betters passes for persuasive argument.

    By the way, disregard my hasty categorization of your bullsh*t as simple run of the mill bullsh*t. In fact, carry on. I am enjoying the ancient anthropology lesson here, Dung .. er, Deng. I’d say Oldupai Gorge about 2.5 million years ago but that’s just a guess from your diction and the level of creativity in your “rebuttal.” Pretentious apes like you make me chuckle.

  3. Double D:
    That’s some real persuasive manure your spreading.
    Kiss your sister with that mouth too I bet.

  4. mespo727272

    It is anti-American racist trash like yourself that I was referring to.
    It’s white trash Liberal Nazis like yourself that seek the destruction of our Nation. Your twisted uneducated view of what the Revolution was all about, merely proves why being racist white trash like yourself should be a capital offense. So get off the net before your mommy comes home from the cross burning, and catches you trying to act like a real man.

  5. “I play both fields so to speak. If the need strikes, I lie down and take it like I should. Whats a little bone when its money involved.”

    blech blech blech….pppppptuoooey

  6. I searched on google advanced search for corruption + bribes + building inspectors and there were 115,000 hits. It is pure corruption when a building inspector takes a bribe — there is no possibility of moral redemption. And Republican or Democrat is irrelevant. It’s all over the world too!

  7. Seconded.

    It is one path to walk with a cautionary tale. It is a path of warning others of the travails and inherent danger in their inaction or bad action.

    It is quite another path to live or advocate the cautionary tale. It is a path of deconstruction and death.

  8. Darfur:

    “The passage of a bill not written in the confines of our congress, but by the self-anointed dictator posing as our President.


    How could we have come so far as a people, that we can no longer see arising from our nation’s government, the very things our honored ascended fought and died to free us from?”


    One of the things our “honored ascended” (whomever they are) fought for is the right to be free from delusional demagogues who don’t know a lawful election from a coup d’etat. They also fought to be free from know-nothings bent on bringing down a democratic government with lies, innuendo, and downright stupidity in thought and deed. Finally, they fought to avoid the factionalism implicit in your inane rantings. Other than those little matters you have it right, of course. Now run along there Zen master, the adults have heard quite enough of your mystical, conspiracy laden bullsh*t.

  9. It is disheartening to see such a childish display as that which is addressed here. To bicker over the childish use of words, while our Constitution, and thus our Nation stand in peril. No matter what one chooses to call this dictatorial regime will not stop their over-throw of our government.

    The passage of a bill not written in the confines of our congress, but by the self-anointed dictator posing as our President. By their own admission this bill was crafted behind closed doors in the Whitehouse. Then forced through the House under the rule of “Martial Law”. A law if passed will abolish this very forum, and criminalize any dissenting voice against this regime. Instead we childishly bicker over a stupid word.

    How could we have come so far as a people, that we can no longer see arising from our nation’s government, the very things our honored ascended fought and died to free us from?

    While our leaders by act of false deception, seek to deny the citizens there rightful representation. Those who lust for nothing more than the power to rob from all, the Liberty’s an freedoms so many have paid the ultimate price for us to retain.

    Their deceptions serve not our peoples interest, but only those of their true masters. They are the great deceivers, those who dwell with-in the shadows of our Republic.

    The time is upon us, when we must stand as one United or we all will be doomed as one divided. Anyone who seeks to divide us seeks to doom not one, but all. Any who seek to divide us as a people, seek nothing more than the destruction of our Nation?
    It is time for all of our traitorous leaders, to stand justly rendered to the dust we know as past.

  10. Corrupted Gov Official:

    I used to be a republican. Bush cured me of that. My family had been blue collar democrat for all our history last century until Reagan (my grandfather was rolling in his grave when most of us became GOP). Most are still GOP, but I’m a defector even from that.

    Most of us are still blue and pink collar though. Many of us poor (even the republicans). Some are getting college degrees and moving up.

    I don’t abide baby killers, whether they are of the pro-abortion variety or the pro-immoral war type.

    So, I’m in a no-man’s-land. And I like it.

    A lot.

  11. I’ve been really involved w Access to Court issues. It seems like the various judicial reform groups get splintered really quickly because of secondary issues. There isn’t any point in trying to hide the fact that I’ve been a registered democrat since that is public knowledge. The original defendant in my civil lawsuit was also a registered democrat.

    Here is an address by John B. Anderson, a Republican discussing the judiciary and abortion and criticizing Carter. My father was a big supporter of his. He is from my home town. I agree with his statements.

  12. I am neither Democrat or Republican. I play both fields so to speak. If the need strikes, I lie down and take it like I should. Whats a little bone when its money involved.

  13. Tootie

    Democrats play fast and loose with ideas and since they have NO moral anchor except the wild fantasies of their depraved and senile imaginations, they continually advocate those things in the short term (to hurt their opponents) which then in the long term wind up attacking themselves.


    I am a democrat and according to Tootie I play fast and loose with ideas, have NO moral anchor but do posses wild fantasies fueled by a depraves and senile imagination … I wish …

  14. I understand how you people feel. I was like you until I became like them. It is much better to be in that out. If you get caught, right now its ok to say that you were just doing a Goldman.

    I have learned to never take anything that you could get caught with. However, it is getting riskier having those brown envelopes curried to my office. But I must survive too. Real Property is expensive.

    You can thank me for the Tax while you are at the Tanning Booths….

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