Maggots on a Plane: Passenger’s Rancid Meat Causes Stir on US Airways Flight

Where is Samuel L. Jackson when we need him? A US Airways flight was forced to return to the terminal at Atlanta when maggots starting falling from an overhead bin.

The maggots were in a container of spoiled meat brought on the plane by a passenger. One report recounts how one woman heard the commotion toward the back of the plane and the word maggots. Then, “[a]ll of a sudden, I felt somebody flick the back of my hair and on the front of me came a maggot, which I flicked off me.”

Now here is the question: who carries around a package of rancid, maggot-infested meat and then takes that package on a flight? The responsible passenger ironically was given a fresh new plane while the other passengers were put on the original plane, which was fumigated once it arrived in Charlotte.

Source: Breitbart

14 thoughts on “Maggots on a Plane: Passenger’s Rancid Meat Causes Stir on US Airways Flight”

  1. Some passengers must of thought they were heading East out of Atlanta into one of those WORMHOLES in the Bermuda Triangle.

  2. Travelling with raining maggots really FLYS against all sense of decency.

  3. Well, that gives a whole new twist to the concept of carrion luggage…

  4. Blouise,

    Even if the play on words wasn’t intentional. I salute you.


  5. Karl,

    Maybe they should just send the passenger through the body scanners a few extra times…speed up the cancer.

  6. What about the irresponsible passenger lugging meat sickness across the country? He/She should have been given a choice: either be banned from air travel for life; or get tazed on the tarmac by airport police; or get pummelled with phone books by the TSA in a broom closet.

  7. Rather than have the Monster Bash, we can make maggot hash.

  8. Yuck, are you sure. How the hell did this get past TSA? These folks should be fired, grilled and shot. Oh heck, just take em’ to Egypt.

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