The World Cup of Drug Traffickers

Columbian drug traffickers now have their own World Cup . . . literally. A replica World Cup trophy made out of cocaine was seized in Columbia. The 14 inch, 24 lb statue was made mixing cocaine with gasoline or acetone.

It was discovered in a delivery crate in an animal warehouse in Bogota airport. It was being sent to Spain.

In the meantime, the drug dealers in Ecuador appear to have their own navy. A 100 ft submarine with conning tower was discovered in a river before its maiden voyage. The sub was designed to carry tons of drugs under the surface.

Source: BC

5 thoughts on “The World Cup of Drug Traffickers”

  1. Attempting to stop the import of drugs has never been successful. The only solution is to have a population that rejects the use of cocaine because they understand the consequences of mind-altering drugs. Otherwise, the Columbians will always find ways to get cocaine into the US. There are many that track the street prices of cocaine in the same manner that one watches the stock prices. We need to make this street drug worth less than its cost to get it here.

  2. The only pertinent question is whether the trophy is snortable or smokeable. Have they checked what the sub is made out of?

    Oops, had a Cheech & Chong moment.

  3. I will have to give them credit.

    They’ve taken an already hideously ugly trophy and made it uglier by making it out of cocaine, gasoline and acetone.

  4. the US govt is in cahoots with columbia to smuggle the cocaine into the US… the banks launder the money (have you covered the recent story of wells fargo admitting to laundering $400 billion or the story of the military admitting to growing opium in afghanistan?).

    the US govt are the biggest drug dealers AND biggest terror state!

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