If Pets Are Criminal, Only Criminals Will Have Pets

San Francisco’s Commission of Animal Control and Welfare has proposed a ban on the sale of any pets with the exception of fish. The new ordinance would make it unlawful to sell dogs, cats, hamsters, mice, rats, and other pets.

Chairwoman Sally Stephens insisted that pets are often “impulse buy[s] . . . end up at the shelter and often are euthanized.”

Notably, the law was first proposed to combat puppy mills but animal control officers reported that the real problem was . . . hamsters. Many people buy hamsters without understanding that they bite and scratch. They end up in shelters. The ordinance was therefore expanded to include small animals.

If passed, citizens would have to go outside the jurisdiction to buy pets.

Source: CBS.

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  1. The “the family began as a virulently anti-catholic organization”, according to Sharlot. He only identifies one catholic democrat that has been invited to join, Joe Stupak. The other ones that have been invited are southern protestant democrats. It is predominantly republican and fundamentalist. Nancy Pelosi is not a member nor are there any Jewish members.

  2. Marionette Hicks,

    Although I wish it was otherwise, I accept your criticisms of U S media. Sadly, even when a story is somehow vaulted over the barriers, watchers, listeners, and readers are no longer able to trust the validity of the reporting because the media has told so many falsehoods purposely or were duped or were too lazy to do the job properly.

    I read a lot of newspapers from all over the world on line which has allowed me to skip regularly watching the evening news but if I am going to watch, I choose PBS. The thing I like about Maddow on MSNBC is her style of commentary … she isn’t a screamer. And I give her a great deal of credit for taking Sharlet’s book, The Family, and busting that whole mess wide open. On that one story alone, in my opinion, she did her country a great service. I did not watch her interview with Hastings … I read his article and listened to a few of the mainstream responses which I viewed as ridiculous … to the point that I wrote a letter (really an email) to the New York Times concerning their initial response.

    However, I don’t really believe the media has changed all that much over the years. Several years ago I was doing some music work out in South Dakota (Paha Sapa) with some Sioux-Lakota musicians and one evening we were all relaxing and telling stories. It was at that time that I heard the true story of Custer’s last stand (Battle at the Greasy Grass/Battle of the Little Bighorn) … something the news media of 1876 certainly didn’t report truthfully.

  3. “The fact that the federal government has failed to uphold its duty…”

    That’s your own damn opinion, not a fact at all.

    Or are you concerned about illegals beheading people?

  4. Then you fail to see that by enforcing their own immigration policy that Arizona is engaged in foreign policy.

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