Bubble Bust: Toronto Officer Claims Assault When Bubble Touches Him

We have seen police charge everything from flatulence to a hug to a pillow attack as assault. However, this Toronto officer tells a young woman that if one of her bubbles touches his uniform, he will arrest her for assault. She is later shown being arrested.

What is most striking is that there is no report of this officer being suspended for such adolescent and unprofessional conduct. Toronto police appear to agree that bubble assault is a valid charge.

We have seen a man arrested for blowing a bubble in court but not as an act of assault.

148 thoughts on “Bubble Bust: Toronto Officer Claims Assault When Bubble Touches Him”

  1. I’m with TomMil @ July 14, 2010 at 8:46 am

    The cop is mentally unstable.

  2. if there was a problem with the girl blowing bubbles then why didn’t the female officer across from the girl say something about it. the female officer seems amused by the bubbles untill officer goosestep makes an issue of it.

  3. raff –

    Good to see you around as well. I’m going to hit the hay (and once I’ve tired of that I’ll probably go to bed). Good to see that the regulars are still doing it …

  4. Buddha,
    I have to echo Mojo’s comments! I can’t remember when I had so much fun reading that digital warfare!

  5. Mojo,

    Glad you enjoyed. One lives to be of service.

    And stop giving Homeland Security ideas! 😉

  6. BIL –

    Another amusing thrashing enjoyed by moi.

    Man, I need to come check out these threads more often. The case of the infectious bubbles has been legendary!

    One more thing Homeland Security needs to take more seriously …

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