Please Go In New York: Newark Stops Ordering Toilet Paper

We previously saw how New Jersey was shutting down bathrooms on its non-toll roads. Now, if you were holding it for Newark, think again. Mayor Cory Booker has ordered city officials to stop buying toilet paper as well as other cuts. That message is “go in New York.”

The austerity measures were prompted by the fact that taxes have already been increased by 76 percent in last decade and 19 percent in the past five years. Of course, no one in Washington is addressing the fact that our cities are shutting down while we continue to pump billions into Iraq and Afghanistan.

Booker will also be shutting down city pools, ordering a four-day work week, and stop buying gas for some city vehicles. Oh yea, Christmas (or at least city Christmas decorations) are cancelled.

Source: Fox

17 thoughts on “Please Go In New York: Newark Stops Ordering Toilet Paper”

  1. W=c:

    If the mayor sticks to his word on this,I guess that is what will be awaitng for the city workers after a few days.:-))

  2. lol W=c!

    And I was wondering what Brietbart wanted for Christmas!

  3. eniobob,

    Actually, once I got outside of Newark, I rather enjoyed New Jersey. It was not at all what I was expecting from the years of New Jersey jokes. But Newark simply sucks. The only way I can imagine improving Newark involves a large fire and some bulldozers.

  4. Now w know why its a “Garden State” everyone is fertilizing. And if you have ever been to Newark Airport it has a strong “remembrance” of what a hole looks like once you remove the toilet…… and it ain’t Rembrandt…..

  5. AY&BIL:

    Are you gentlemen saying that this action may have some effect on my”Garden States”image?:-))

  6. Booker is a well-respected guy. He had a big impact on crime in Newark.

    Remember the town in California where they laid off eighty cops and had a list of the crimes they wouldn’t arrest people for anymore? Cities and states are pretty desperate. Desperate times call for desperate stunts, I guess.

  7. Texas A & M will require its students to bring their own t.p. next year.

  8. Sounds as if we’re back in the 1930’s … my mother told me about car trips she took as a little girl … no restrooms along the way and certainly no toilet paper … I guess we didn’t avoid the Depression after all.

  9. AY,

    Having been to Newark, I ask you this, “If someone took a dump in public in Newark, could you tell the difference in a before and after photo line up?”

    I’m thinking not.

  10. I really liked Mayor Booker when he’s been interviewed on TV. He seems like a decent, caring public servant. This, however, just reads as a political, headline-grabbing stunt. No toilet paper? P-L-E-A-S-E! They are probably violating their own health and safety code. Dumb.

  11. I think I already did, ever been stuck in an airport in Newark? It is bad, real bad.

  12. Newark has been bankrupted by public sector unions.

    These unions exchanged votes and campaign cash for absurdly generous contracts from elected officials.

    As these municipalities file Chapter 9, courts will be asked to decide whether or not public sector contracts can be broken, and whether taxpayers are on the hook for the $2 trillion plus that state and local pensions systems are currently underfunded.

    It is also possible that the federal government “bails out” cities and states by taking over pension obligations, taking over certain state and local responsibilities, or simply infusing cash. This will be paid for one of two ways:
    Borrowing, which will steal from future generations
    Inflation – printing the money to pay these obligations – which will steal from everyone

  13. ‘Reconstruction
    Today the victors of modern wars no longer rape and pillage as their predecessors did, instead they make extraordinary profits by giving contracts to their favorite companies to rebuild what they have destroyed and then hand the bill to local taxpayers to pay.’

  14. “Of course, no one in Washington is addressing the fact that our cities are shutting down while we continue to pump billions into Iraq and Afghanistan. ”

    I don’t think money is being poured into Iraq and Afghanistan…I think if we follow the money, it stops long before Iraq and Afghanistan, and even the US troops doing the grunge work don’t get the benefit of our ‘supportive’ tax dollars….

  15. Sad,But there is more going on here than meets the eye.
    Travel into the city during morning/evening rush.Traffic is jammed,so there is money being made there.

    The question will soon become where is it going?

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