18 thoughts on “The Ultimate Car Security System”

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  2. That is a beautiful dog. We have Great Pyrenees so we understand…LOL!! When our 100 lb 9 month old is full grown, the middle bench seat will have to come out of the van. 🙂

  3. I am pretty sure it’s a mastiff and they slobber like crazy. The squeegee man would have to squeegee himself if he got too close.

  4. Is that a Rhino or a dog? I am not sure the shocks on that car will survive too many trips with “Fluffy”!

  5. a dirty rag and a squeegee would pretty much mandatory if you drive around with a mastiff in your car

    there was a guy around here years ago that used to drive a Harley with a big ole goggle wearing sheepdog riding in the sidecar

  6. Then again, you don’t have to feed the car alarm system huge amounts twice a day for 10 or so years, take it to the vet for shots and repairs and board it at great expense while you are away in Cancun.

  7. Not only don’t you need a security system, I don’t think you’ll ever need to call a tow truck, either.

  8. I can relate to the great dane lovers,we had a Harlequin female,who in her own way was a second mom to the kids,Great companions.

    I was looking for something to pay a tribute to her ,and I came across this.I just can’t pass on this one.:-))

  9. That’s clearly not a dog – it seems to be at least half wooly mammoth…

  10. Wow, that’s a big dog! One of those 50 pound bags of kibble is just unit sizing for that beast.

    I know a fellow who raises Newfies. He can have as many as twenty on the property at one time. He literally buys kibble “by the truckload.”

    I would imagine he has a pretty good garden, too.

  11. “far better company than a key chain fob.”

    No coffee, bad fingers.


    I know what you mean. Big dogs leave a big hole when they’re gone. 🙁

  12. I used to have a very similar protection system….’Alaskan Annie’. She was half St. Bernard, half wolfish looking somethin’ and as she was an abandoned/abused adoptee. She was not quite so big as ‘Fluffy’ but you could not find a better shield dog. Plus, excellent walker!

    I miss her 🙁

  13. As someone who used to regularly ride with a large dog (Great Dane), I will testify that they are not only the best car security money can buy, but they are far better company and a key chain fob.

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