Model Mayhem: Florida Model Arrested After Stomping and Beating Puppy

Keevonna C’Ante Wilson, 24, is a model and actress who, if guilty, is proof that beauty is only skin deep.  I am not sure what it is like being her photographer or her manager but you sure do not want to be her pet, Chasity.  She is charged with animal cruelty after stomping on the puppy.  Appropriately, she appears on the Model Mayhem site, where she refers to her as “The Flawless Beauty.” Wilson   Warning the video below show violence that will be disturbing to many viewers.

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Lion Bites Osprey To The Delight Of Cheetahs


download-2Okay this might get a bit confusing but there is an interesting legal issue here.  Wales hooker Scott Baldwin missed playing for the Ospreys after he was bitten on the hand by a lion.  The result was that the Cheetahs won the match.  What is interesting is that Baldwin’s injury was due to utter stupidity after the reached into a lion’s cage in South Africa to pet the lion.  That’s right, a grown man reached into a lion’s cage to pet a lion.  The question is when a professional team can penalize a player for injuries due to simple stupidity.


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Bad Jazz and Joe Cool: Johnson & Johnson Heiress Under Fire After Kicking Horse During Exhibition

images-4download-4Johnson & Johnson heiress Jazz Johnson-Merton is unlikely to be on the PETA holiday card list.  The 36-year-old heiress shocked onlookers at theHampton Classic Horse Show when she kicked her horse Joe Cool after she was thrown during an exhibition.  She is the author of the tongue-in-cheek “Social Climber’s Bible” which will now likely be followed by the “Social Exile’s Bible.”


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California Man Twice Throws Dog Into Ravine . . . Dog Survives While Man Goes To Jail

download-1Police and the public have searched for a man shown on a video throwing a dog not once but twice into a ravine.  The man was eventually identified as Andres Spancky Raya, 21, and he was charged with animal cruelty.  Fortunately, the pit bull — known as Mary Jane — survived with injuries but was eventually adopted by a family.  As for Raya, he is heading to prison for five years.

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Fire Fighters Rescue Pigs From Fire . . . Farm Thanks Fire Fighters With Sausage Made From The Rescued Pigs

_97483266_sausagestwoA drift of rescued piglets (yes, that is what a group of pigs is called)  is at the center of a controversy between animal rights advocates and the Wiltshire fire department.   After fire fighters pulled 18 piglets and two sows from a fire, the farmer, Rachel Rivers, wanted to thank them so the farm butchered the pigs, made them into sausage, and served them to their rescuers.

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Dog Racism: New York Partner Sues Condo Over Ban On Pit Bulls

File Pit Bull Image

Latham & Watkins partner Michelle Kelban-Carteron is in an intense litigation with the board of managers of her Chelsea Modern condo over what her counsel says is “dog racism” in a ban on pit bulls and “other potentially dangerous dogs.”  The lawsuit by the board cites instances of Luna lunging at residents and barking at other dogs in an aggressive manner.  As a result, they seek an injunction and declaration that Kelban-Carteron has breached her contract and violated the associational rules of the condo.  It also alleges the creation of a nuisance.

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