Is Neil Gorsuch Anti-Duck?

Neil_Gorsuch_February_2017Rubber_duckies_So_many_ducksJudge Neil Gorsuch is scheduled to complete the long and grueling questioning of his confirmation hearing today. Indeed, he may finish a bit early.  Like past nominees, Gorsuch declined to discuss cases and said little about his positions on possible cases dealing with subjects like abortion.  Nominees are trained to hit grounders in these hearing and avoid pitches in the corners or trying to put anything over the wall.  He stayed with that strategy and the Democrats have made little progress in undermining his stellar record.  I have two columns out today at USA Today and The Hill newspaper discussing different aspects of the nomination.  I am scheduled to testify at the hearing on Thursday when they call expert witnesses.  There remains one disturbing question, however, that needs to be addressed:  is Judge Gorsuch anti-duck?

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Government “Cyanide Bomb” in Idaho Injures 14-Year-Old Boy and Kills His Dog

There is a highly disturbing case out of Idaho where a 14-year-old boy and his ellow Labrador retriever, Casey, were poisoned by a “cyanide bomb” planted by U.S. government.  In a truly baffling act, the Wildlife Services of U.S. Department of Agriculture planted the device to kill coyotes, wolves, cougars, foxes and other animals considered nuisances for farmers and ranchers.  It seems unbelievably reckless to me to place these devices near trails and farms, even with signs that might be missed in the dark or lost to weather conditions.

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South Koreans Hunting River Rats As A Source Of Bile For Traditional Medicine

At first I thought it was really gross that people in South Korea were wiping out river rats for food. Then I found out that the rats are being sought for their bile.  With bear bile in the short supply due to the overhunting of bears and new national protections, Koreans are turning to river rats as a source of ursodeoxycholic acid.  Rats have an even greater amount of the acid than bears.

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“King of Instagram” Triggers Outrage With Pictures of Friend Riding a 100-Year-Old Tortoise

3de6321b00000578-4277346-image-m-21_1488515871750We have recently discussed tourists harming wildlife for self-absorbed photos. The latest example of such reckless conduct is from the British Virgin Islands where Dan Bilzerian posted a picture of a bikini-clad woman riding a 100-year-old Galapagos tortoise.  Fortunately there is no indication that the tortoise was harmed but such uniquely stupid conduct.  Bilzerian is the self-proclaimed “King of Instagram” as well as one of the most self-obsessed individuals that you are likely to encounter. Continue reading

Groups: The Vikings Stadium Kills Birds

ctyp_stadiumbird3us_bank_stadium_-_west_facadeThe new Vikings stadium has yet to prove a killer for NFL rivals but it is certainly racking up bird kills according to the Audubon Society and other environmental groups. That modern glass exterior appears to be killing an alarming number of birds and groups are complaining that the stadium is continuing to “study” the problem while the dead birds mount. This stadium seems truly star-crossed. We recently discussed how the stadium has been found to be hazardous to hearing.
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Englishman Found Criminally Guilty In Swallowing of Gold Fish

The line between cruelty and cuisine can at times be a bit hard to discern.  We have previously discussed whether swallowing live gold fish (or even selling gold fish) is an act of criminal cruelty.  Now a man, Daniel Challis, 24, has been found guilty of causing suffering to a fish after posting a video of his swallowing the fish on a dare.

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Two Florida Men Arrested After Allegedly Torturing Turtle And Then Attacking Man Who Tried To Save It

urlIn Dayonta Bearch, Gary Blough, a disabled Navy veteran, is recovering from a vicious beatdown. The reason is not a mugging or a personal feud.  Rather, Blough rescued a turtle that was being tortured by two men.  Ryan Ponder, 23, and Johnnie Beveritt, 18, then allegedly jumped Blough as he tried to release the turtle back into the water.

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