“Jewish Money” List: Rep. McMahon Criticized For Releasing List of Opponent’s Jewish Contributors

There is a bizarre dispute brewing in New York where Rep. Mike McMahon is being criticized for his publication of a list of his opponent Mike Grimm’s Jewish contributors.

The McMahon campaign allegedly released a list labeled “Grimm Jewish Money Q2” with over 80 names. Most were outside of the district and the list, according to Jennifer Nelson, McMahon’s campaign spokesperson, was to show “[w]here is Grimm’s money coming from. There is a lot of Jewish money, a lot of money from people in Florida and Manhattan, retirees.”

The campaign was quick to point out that the list was complied by Debra Solomon, who is Jewish. Nelson noted “She herself is Jewish so she knows a lot of people in that community.”

McMahon has now fired Nelson.

Source: Observer

13 thoughts on ““Jewish Money” List: Rep. McMahon Criticized For Releasing List of Opponent’s Jewish Contributors”

  1. pete,

    Nice mixing job, but the serious answer is I don’t think so considering I know homosexuals who both use the term and claim to have “gay-dar”.

  2. BIL

    The was the Jew-dar joke too homophobic.

    hows that for mixing metafors

  3. I know this plays against your stereotype, but McMahon is a democrat.

  4. What kind of weird district is this that someone thought that this “list” would provide any sort of anti-Semitic advantage? The district is Staten Island, plus a little adjacent bit of Brooklyn. I guess my opinion of the people of Staten Island (or at least those who would vote for a Republican federal rep) was too high – and that’s scary, considering my opinion of them prior to reading about this…

  5. “McMahon has now fired Nelson.”

    I guess he didn’t like my “What? So that means she has ‘Jew-dar'” joke. 😀

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  10. I apologize for the earlier publication of this story which was in raw form. I am in New Orleans this week and only spotted the errant blog a few minutes ago. It was inadvertently sent to publication rather than storage for today.

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