Report: Powerful Catholic Priest Fathered and Abused Children

Jason Berry has an amazing account of how a powerful Catholic priest, Father Marcial Maciel, was allowed to not just sexually abuse young seminarians but both father and abuse his own children. These allegations surfaced in a Connecticut lawsuit. Maciel died in 2008.

The priest’s son, Raul Gonzalez, 30, stated to ABC that he thought his father was a CIA agent until he saw him dressed as a priest in a 1997 magazine story. His mother confronted Maciel, who allegedly denied that it was him in the picture.

ABC and Berry report that the Legion of Christ has now acknowledged that Father Maciel fathered at least one child as a priest.

He was the founder of the Legion and its most powerful member until he was forced out by Pope Benedict XVI in 2006.

Jason Berry reported that Maciel refused last rites on this death bed:

After the priests got Maciel to a Legion house in Jacksonville, Fla., he reportedly grew belligerent when Corcuero tried to anoint him, yelling, “I said no!” The article says Maciel refused to make a final confession, and states flatly that he “did not believe in God’s pardon.”

This may have been the only time were God and Maciel agreed.

For the full story, click here.

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    By way of explanation … in order to better understand the thinking of the foundings and thus the Constitution, I set myself upon the course of learning about The Enlightenment. The roots of that movement go all the way back into the 14th and 15th century so I’ve come across good ol’ Leo and Bale and, Henry.

    A lot of this stuff I retained from my theology studies … but the Enlightenment in depth is fascinating.

    Henry was no dummy … yep sainthood was for sale and Leo made a ton of money from cardinalships too. Between you and me, I think we would have liked Leo but Luther, initially a religious nut, certainly didn’t.

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    Bryon, copied and pasted the olde english version, which had been translated from latin. If I understand from a class you used to be able to buy st hood in a number of ways…money….position in court….or ruling in a way that was most favorable to the church….that is a reason that Henry wanted his share to stay in england they could not afford the tithing and war……

  3. Bale was a contemporary of Henry VIII, wasn’t he? I’d have to look up the dates and my eyes are tired so I won’t … but I think they were. I think Bale would have been somewhere in his 20’s when Leo was Pope … I think

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  5. … by religious fairs I mean town fairs … more paper indulgences, more religious fairs at which those indulgences could be sold

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