Biblical Bust: Builder Of Noah’s Ark Exhibit Blames Non-Believers and “Fake News” For Failure

The giant replica of Noah’s Ark built by Creationist Ken Ham appears to be a failure on a truly biblical proportion.  Built with contributions from public funds, Ham is  blamed the dismal sales of “intolerant secularists” and the media who have spread lies about the attraction. It is a curious excuse since the Ark is symbol of ignoring doubters and critics to prevail with divine intervention.

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Turkey De-Evolves: Erdogan Government Bars Teaching of Evolution As Unproven and Controversial

Zumba Banned In Iran As Anti-Islamic

US_Army_52862_Zumba_adds_Latin_dance_to_fitness_routineThe Iranians have given the world another absurd application of its brand of Islamic faith.  The government has declared that Zumba exercises classes are effectively banned in Iran because the dance “contravenes Islamic ideology.”  The “rhythmic movements” of Zumba appear to be anti-Islamic. There is no room for rhythmic dance in the Islamic Republic.

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Couple Criminally Charged After Burning Koran On Videotape

We have been discussing the rapid erosion of free speech in Great Britain with expanding criminalization of speech deemed insulting or offensive to any group or person.  The most recent case involved a couple shown in a videotape burning a copy of the Koran.  As offensive and hateful as this act is, it is still an exercise of free speech in my view.

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The Vanishing Woman: Saudi Arabian Ad Substitutes Image Of Inflatable Ball For Mother In Pool Picture

4131F54200000578-4580510-image-m-34_1496835530873We have previously discussed how woman magically disappear in Saudi Arabia, including  ads for companies like IKEA. (We have seen the same vanishing in Orthodox Jewish publication).  Now Saudi Arabia is accused of replacing a picture of a mother with a beach ball in this advertisement to protect Muslim sensibilities.  At least these kids can say “Mom was a real ball on vacation.”

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Muslims Arrested For Praying In Myanmar After Closing Of Muslim Schools

7d105fbdbaf8a63bf70b1c645c99ebd1We previously discussed the crushing abuse and discrimination faced by Muslims in Myanmar.  The Rohingya are denied basic rights and face continued violence in the country.  The most recent outrage was the arrest of three Muslims for holding Ramadan prayers in the street.  Recently, their local school was closed by a nationalist mob.

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Sister of Salman Abedi Insists That Her Brother Was Trying To Revenge The Deaths of Muslim Children