Iran Accuses Kim Kardashian Of Being Secret Western Agent

Army_of_the_Guardians_of_the_Islamic_Revolution_troop_marching_with_gun_and_headband.jpegKim_Kardashian_West,_Parramatta_Westfield_Sydney_Australia_-_15035243919_(cropped)The Iranian Revolutionary Guards has denounced Kim Kardashian as being a Western agent. Of course, crazed fatwas and threats coming from the Islamic Republic is hardly news. However, in this case, a country is suggesting that Kim Kardashian has a job other than just being a Kardashian. The Kardashians are rightfully viewed as the death of American culture as a group of people without a single discernible talent. The Kardashians literally made being a celebrity as basis for celebrity status — without the need of actually being successful as a dancer, singer, or some other actual skill. The fact that the Iranians view Kim Kardashian as actively engaged in some substantive effort other than being Kim Kardashian shows how out of touch they really are with reality.

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The Whole (Food) Truth and Nothing But The Truth: Gay Pastor Admits That Gay Slur Cake Was A Hoax

imrs.phpWe previously discussed the suspicious claims made by a gay Texas pastor, Jordan Brown, who accused a Whole Foods store of changing his order for a cake reading “Love Wins” to “Love Wins Fag.” Various people seeing the cake immediately began raising questions over Brown’s claims and a videotape seemed to contradict his account. Whole Foods countersued Brown. Brown has now fessed up that he did alter the cake and made the whole thing up. After he dropped his lawsuit, Whole Foods has decided to drop the countersuit though a strong case could be made for seeking damages in such a hoax.

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Iran Defends Holocaust Cartoon Competition As Expression Of Free Speech

250px-flag_of_iransvgOne of the most impressive characteristics of religious extremists is the ability to hold facially contrary positions without any sense of contradiction or hypocrisy. Saudi Arabia decries any limitations on Muslims worshipping in other countries while banning churches and public worship of non-Muslims in its own country. Iran is particularly prone to such contradictions like executing homosexuals while denying that there are any homosexuals in Iran or objecting to the treatment of protesters in the West while jailing, beating and killing protesters in Iran. This week Iran offered another such example. In refusing to censor a Holocaust-themed cartoon festival, Iran (which has ordered the killing of authors and cartoonists for insulting Islam) insisted that it had to stand with free speech and would not think of interfering with an author or cartoonist in expressing their views. The same week, Iran has called for the arrest and punishment of models who allow themselves to be photographed without religious scarves.  Likewise, it previously ordered the flogging of a model for a public kiss.

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“If You’re Innocent You’ll Go To Heaven: Iranian Judge Sentences Man To Hang After A Two Minute Trial

rezahosseini2.png.885x520_q85_box-0,0,884,520_crop_detail_upscaleAny Iranian judge offered another glimpse into the medieval Sharia legal system. After a man was given a trial lasting only a couple minutes, Reza Hosseini, 34, begged the judge to listen to his evidence that he is innocent. Instead, the judge told the man “if you’re innocent you’ll go to heaven.” Continue reading

Iranian Lawyer Barred From Parliament Based On Photos Taken Without A Head Scarf

Mino_Khaleghi_(cropped)Politicians being barred from office for misconduct is unfortunately not new, but Iranian politicians Minoo Khaleghi, who won a seat in the city of Isfahan in February, transgressed by allegedly allowing a picture to be taken of her without a head scarf. While Khaleghi insists the photos are fake, Dispute Settlement Committee of Branches ruled that she cannot be sworn into office for violating Islamic values. A religious body previously made clear that they would not allow voters to elect Khaleghi.

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