Pakistani Government Warns Media Not To Cover Valentine’s Day As An Offense To Islam

240px-Antique_Valentine_1909_01Pakistan continues to show the world that it remains on the course of Islamic extremism and increasingly intolerant of free exercise and free speech.  Now the Pakistani government is warning media not to cover the increasingly popular Valentine’s Day celebrations.  Islamic clerics have declared the Western holiday to be an offense to Islam.  None of these clerics or government officials appear concerned that there is a far greater danger to Islam if it is threatened by people wanting to exchange Valentines or throwing parties.


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“We Don’t Have A Flu Season”: Televangelist and Trump Adviser Gloria Copeland Criticized For Calling For Faith Not Shots In Combating The Flu

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 7.56.32 PMGloria Copeland is the co-founder of the Kenneth Copeland Ministries (with her husband) in Texas and cited as a spiritual advisor to President Donald Trump. She and her husband serve on Trump’s evangelical advisory board.  This week Copeland is in the center of a firestorm after telling her followers that you may not need flu shots if you “inoculate yourself with the word of God.”

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Iranian Activist Challenges Western “Barbie” Feminism As Veil Protests Continue In Iran


download-5We have previously discussed the courage of women in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Muslim nations in fighting sexist rules that prevent them from engaging in basic acts or pursuing their own futures.  As I have said before, these women are the most inspiring civil libertarians of our generation — risking jail and beatings to fight for equality.  That struggle is evident in the dozens of arrests of women in Iran who are pulling off their headscarves in public in Iran to fight for the individual choice in wearing the religious cover.  One activist Masih Alinejab has gone further to denounce Western feminists and reporters who celebrate the selling of a Barbie doll with a veil while giving minimal attention to actual women fighting the mandatory wearing of such items.

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The Corpus Delicti: The Baby Jesus Becomes The Focus of Holiday Heists Around The Golde


Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 9.16.02 AMA feminist activist from the extremist group Femen ran onto the Nativity scene in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican on Monday and tried to steal the baby Jesus.  The woman screaming “God is woman” was tackled by Vatican gendarme.  The group identified the culprit as Alisa Vinogradova and proudly declared her to be a “sextremist”. This is not the only effort his season to “jack” Jesus.  These cases represent a convergence of the Corpus delicti and the Corpus Christi.

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RES IPSA HITS 33,000,000

Audience_Frontier_FiestaWe have hit another milestone today with over 33,000,000 views. We are also expected to reach 35,000 followers on Twitter.  That hardly makes us competition for the largest sites but it is still an impressive collection of people seeking a place for civil but passionate discourse on legal and policy issues  of our time (and perhaps a few wacky stories).  We often use these milestones to look at the current profile of the blog and its supporters around the world.

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Rev. Jim Bakker: Buy My Pancake Mix Or Make Flapjacks In Hell?

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 6.26.28 PM.pngJim Bakker was last seen by most people after his sex scandal and then sentencing for fraud.  Now he is back and he will totting pancake mix.  Bakker is shilling for people to call a 1-888 phone number to give him $60 (plus shipping) for a bucket of pancake mix.  The alternative appears to be starving your children and handing them over to the Biblical Beast.

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