Free Cable and Cud: Couple Finds Goat in Hotel Room

A couple of guests at the FairBridge Inn & Suites returned to their hotel room to find everything in order except one small detail: the live goat.

The police arrested a man who they accuse of getting drunk and stealing a goat from the Enzian Falls Putting Course. Two men were seen dragging the goat down the street, walked into the hotel, and allegedly said that they had lost their key to Room 111. Amazingly, the hotel clerk gave them the key and they left the goat inside.

The man has been arrest on suspicion of theft of livestock and second-degree burglary and the goat has been returned to the putting course.

The hotel general counsel may want to look into the training program for its employees. This could have been much worse with conduct ranging from burglary to rape. The hotel would have been liable for both compensatory and punitive damages. Moreover, if the goat had bitten or kicked the occupants, they could have faced a fascinating animal liability claim.

Source: NWSource

7 thoughts on “Free Cable and Cud: Couple Finds Goat in Hotel Room”

  1. Yissil

    at first i thought it was scottish rules golf then i realized it was a goat not a sheep.

  2. I’m trying to picture how a goat would be used on a miniature golf course. I don’t think you can have an obstacle that might bite you and crap on your ball.

  3. Honest, Officer, I never saw that goat before and she said she was eighteen………….

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