Former Head of Interpol Sentenced to 15 Years for Corruption

The former President of Interpol and South African National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in Johannesburg for corruption. He was accused of receiving payments from convicted drug trafficker Glenn Agliotti.

He was also accused of manufacturing evidence by the court. While Selebi was being sentenced, Agliotti was in a nearby courtroom facing murder charges. Not exactly the timing most defense attorneys would want.

Source: iafrica

10 thoughts on “Former Head of Interpol Sentenced to 15 Years for Corruption”

  1. this guy must have pissed his bosses off and so they got rid of him… the illegal drug market is run by the bankers!

    The CIA & US military grow and guard the opium and cocaine… they smuggle it in to Mexico and the
    US, give it to the FBI & DEA to distribute it to their chosen big dealers then launder the cash thru our corrupt banks…

    Law enforcement busts the small time dealers / users who go thru the courts and must pay fines (city revenue), rehab (insurance co’s) and/or go to a privatized prison, where drugs are readily available.

  2. The full name of INTERPOL is the “International Criminal Police Organization.” Seems that Mr. Selebi mis-interpreted that…

  3. I bet it was all an April Fools joke and at the trial he said, “Surprise I am from the Government and I am here to Help you.” Maybe he forgot and thought it was “I am here to help myself, I am the government.” Ya never know…..

  4. The war on drugs will continue to corrupt law enforcement, courts, and create entire narco-states like we have seen in Mexico. The war on drugs has warped police priorities and shattered lives and liberties, creating globally powerful criminal gangs in the process.

    End it.

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