Coping a Feel: Police Officer Arrested Over Alleged Fondling Offense

Former Provo police officer Jeffery Westerman, 33, has been arrested in a bizarre alleged agreement to let a DUI suspect go free in exchange for a fondling.

According to Utah County police, Westerman allegedly threatened to charge a woman with a felony unless she let him fondle her breasts. After doing so, he demanded a second fondling. The next day the victim called the sheriff’s office.

Westerman reportedly gave a different version of events but was contradicted by a security camera. He had been an officer since 2006.

He could now be charged with forcible sexual abuse and obstruction of justice.

Source: Deseret.

13 thoughts on “Coping a Feel: Police Officer Arrested Over Alleged Fondling Offense”

  1. It wasn’t until 2009 that I actually paid attention to criminal cops in the news because I thought it was a rare event. Whoa. Was I wrong.

    Criminal cops in the news are a daily event and for really, really serious crimes including forced rape (orange county), solicitation for murder (sacramento county), bank robbery (sonoma county), murder (van nuys, los angeles county).

    And, if you go to YouTube and search for “police brutality” you see videos where cops are clearly clubbing people without need. Rodney King of years ago was NOT a rare event.

    Next time you sit on a jury, remember that the cop giving testimony is probably speaking half truth and HALF LIES.

    They literally do have a sadistic personality which they hide behind a crisp, clean uniform and fake honesty.

  2. AB2

    i’m guessing fox/the tea party will try to make martyrs of the couple because of her undocumented status. They’re doing everything they can to declare open season on brown people as it is.


    the bending over is what George Bush did to the American voters who,by the way, did not vote him into office.

    anyone can play the blame game.

  3. I’d like to see your analysis of this case.

    This looks like impersonating a federal official, impersonating a federal official making an arrest, could you charge them with kidnapping too?

  4. This is what Democrats regularly do to tax-payers. Only it isn’t called “cop” “ing” a feel and requires more bending over.

  5. From the article:

    “Nearby businesses had video surveillance to support what she said,” Cannon said. “There were also statements from witnesses who saw the two together at that time.”

    The surveillance video does not show the actual assault, Cannon said. But it corroborates her story about where she was and when.

    Westerman told investigators he was at the accident scene for only 10 minutes. Surveillance video, however, shows he was on scene for more than 50 minutes, the jail report states. The video also showed him driving her car to a nearby parking lot and searching it, just as she reported.”

    Dude … you are sooo busted! and:

    “Woosty’s still a Cat

    she was lucky to get away…..”

    That’s the truth

  6. Shire,

    What will happen when all the security cameras which I think are good in most places convict the bad cops, who will be there to defend our interest…..Oh yeah, the standing armys, the Constitution is idle …….

  7. Wow, imagine an officers version of events and a complainant or even a defendants for that matter. I am in shock and awe. Never would a Police Officer lie to make a case. That just never would happen.

    We had better get our standing army’s in place to take the place of the damned…..

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