Prince Charming’s Other Woman

Facebook is again at the heart of a legal case in Cleveland. Lynn France (shown in her wedding picture) claims that she discovered that her husband was having an affair after finding photos of his wedding with another woman on Facebook, including photos dressed as Prince Charming at Disney World. In the photos, his new wife was dressed as Sleeping Beauty.

Her husband is now claiming that France’s marriage was invalid and, according to France, suddenly took her children to join his new wife. She says that she keeps tract of her children on Facebook.

This legal case gets pretty complex with France taking her husband back and then the husband allegedly taking the kids.

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  1. I didn’t convey that experience very well, these guys were guides on a trip and very nice, fairly well educated….they did not WANT a bunch of wives….they were very pragmatic and responsible as well…they took the cultural role of provider very seriously and would not take on more than they could provide for, thats all.

  2. I completely agree Woosty.

    I also noticed that men are not commanded to take more than one wife if they choose to marry at all.

    What crossed my mind is that some men seem to have a propensity for more than one woman. Rather than “cheating” on their wife, why are they not allowed to take an additional wife (assuming they are able to find a woman willing to enter such a relationship) and thereby satisfy that inclination?

  3. “It was also interesting for me, as a Christian, to learn that the Bible does not condemn the practice. I was unable to find one verse where a man repented for having more than one wife as if it were sinful, one verse where a prophet was sent to a man to reprimand him for having more than one wife, or where God addressed the situation as sinful in any way. ”

    I had the opportunity to speak with some Muslim men in Africa….they can have as many wives as they want but most have only 1 or 2 (this was awhile ago and from the horses mouth, haven’t checked stats…). Most of them wouldn’t have more because they get not just the wife but also her family to care for and it’s not the party some on the other side of the fence make it out to be….in any event, not my cup of tea…

  4. “stuck with” is exactly what the ancient Roman Republic (which eventually failed miserably) was stuck with as well. It is the incorporation of Roman law and culture into the early Christian Church that has led us to this point. Roman society allowed serial monogamy, and homosexuality was rampant. Both were/are republics, and it seems as though we are blind to the lessons of history. More people are choosing to remain single now, just as it was in the Roman Empire, to the extent that Rome began to fine men for not marrying. Will we see that soon as well? How sad that our government is blinded by pride that we cannot learn from past failures.

  5. I suppose if one wants to increase the number of births thus building up the strength of the human species or if one wants to increase the numbers of ones fledgling new religion, then polygamy makes sense.

    But if the population is already too large and new religious cults aren’t a top priority for the majority of presently living humans, then one is stuck with the ol’ fashion mistress on the side. Either that or the other option … don’t get married at all.

  6. It seems to me that if our government had a clue they would get out of the marriage business completely and simply register civil unions between individuals that wish to register their union with the government. Joseph and Mary went to Jerusalem to be registered, not married…this seems to have worked quite well for thousands of years, and now with government in the marriage business look at the mess we have. If a person has religious beliefs to guide them in their unions so be it, allow them to follow the teachings of their religion as long as they are not harming other individuals in doing so.

    I know that you “detest” polygamy from your 2004 article with USA Today Mr. Turley. What I can’t help but wonder however is how much of this type of thing would be prevented if polygamy was legal and became socially acceptable – at least to a limited degree.

    I was thinking the other day about Mel Gibson and what a mess that turned out to be. Is it possible that Mel and his wives would be in much better circumstances if the situation had been allowed to play out differently?

    I have recently been researching this subject as it has become a curiosity to me, and I have found that it is actually most commonly practiced right under our noses in our communities not in cult compounds.

    All of the politicians, business men, and athletes that have made the headlines…would they not have been spared the public embarrassment if they were allowed to support more than one wife?

    Another interesting aspect to this is that you will rarely ever find a man practicing polygamy that seeks out women other than his wives. The majority of those practicing polygamy are completely different than those stereotypically portrayed by the NEWS media, they don’t believe in under age marriage or even arranged marriage for that matter.

    I have also found out that many are “Bleeding the Beast”. The second, third, etc…wives are considered single mothers and therefore are eligible for many public assistance programs at taxpayer expense. If polygamy was legal most of these women would want a legal union with their husband which would put the burden of supporting them on him as it should be.

    It was also interesting for me, as a Christian, to learn that the Bible does not condemn the practice. I was unable to find one verse where a man repented for having more than one wife as if it were sinful, one verse where a prophet was sent to a man to reprimand him for having more than one wife, or where God addressed the situation as sinful in any way. Forbidden sexual unions are listed in Leviticus chapter 18, and there is no mention that a man may not take more than one wife, yet seven verses where a man is not to take another man’s wife. It is even more interesting to me that there is ample evidence that polygamy was widely practiced while Jesus walked the Earth and where He walked, yet He did not address it even once as sinful. And if that were not enough to support polygamy as a religious practice there are numerous men in the Bible that had multiple wives that God approved of, and even the Quran specifically allows a Muslim man to have more than one wife. Clearly this is a religious practice for Jews, Christian, and Muslims; how is it then, that our government has chosen to make it illegal and thereby caused all these problems?

  7. A lot of pain here … but the outcome, if the first wife listens to her lawyers this time … she will get her children back … what happens to him and his new wire … who cares … their legal bills will keep them busy … ding, dong IRS calling.

  8. AY, this bit from the original article should help you;

    ‘That fall, she had grown suspicious when her husband began taking frequent business trips, even leaving the day the couple’s newborn son came home from the hospital. Once, she found his passport at home when he was supposed to be in China for business.’

    he was a shit, maybe he should be stuffed into the fuel tank of that new poopmobile…the REAL fool is that idiot woman that married him KNOWING he was already married. Ms. France has both my sympathy and my congratulations.

  9. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around who is the fool and the fooled.

  10. this isn’t complicated at all…..
    he’s no prince
    he’s not charming
    depending on how old the kids are it’s ~get custody and have a party or just ~have a party and enjoy your lighter self!

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