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  1. I have a theory about handbags.

    I think women view any move beyond the borders of her yard or dwelling as a “journey” from which she has no guarantee of returning or fears being uncomfortable while away for a certain period of time. Thus, the handbag and everything contained in it.

    I’ve thought a lot about this matter over the years as I have alternatively carried tiny bags (pouches) or large satchels and everything in between. And as I have noted menfolk don’t seem to have such needs (though their clothes tend to have more pockets).

    Recently I saw a movie where a woman had a child who she traveled to the city (or was it to the suburb?)for school from her job in the city or was it the suburb?

    Anyway, her child was supposed to have a costume for school and the mother didn’t know or had forgot about it. So she reached into her bag, and if I recall correctly, made critter ears out of a padded bra and a critter tail out of something else like a boa scarf. She even had items in the bag to make a second costume for another child (a boy) who was the son of her would-be significant other. I think she made a cape out of a black scarf. The father watched in amazement as she pulled everyday things out of the bag to adorable create costumes.

    The father of boy (and I cannot remember exactly what he said) said something like “where can I get a bag like that”. It was funny.

    The bag wasn’t a silly sack like Mary Poppins’s bag which contained a floor lamp. But it was a practical bag which contained a collection of things I’m sure many women have carried around from time to time throughout the years.

    I think I’ve come to a compromise between the pouch and satchel. I carry a tiny shoulder-strap bag the size of a clutch INSIDE my honking big satchel which often contains everything from a little box of raisins to my net-book. Plus a book to read, a craft project, pens, markers, note pads, ID, money, planner, a sewing kit, a make-up kit, but definitely no kitty kit.

    My bag within a bag solution always reminds me of this classic by George Carlin:


  2. frankdawg–

    I’m not sure why you say I’m confusing the definition of the word “theory.”

    BTW, the word has more than ONE definition.

  3. @ Elaine M.

    You are confusing the definition of “theory”, a failing the young-earth morans intentionally affect.

    It is the theory of gravity, the theory of orbital mechanics, the theory of evolution and the theory of handbag overstuffing!

    Thanks for the grin prof.

  4. I need a bigger purse because one of my cats weighs 16 pounds and she would never fit in anything that small. She will soon be the next spokesperson for Nutri-System.

  5. Professor Turley,

    You wrote: “This also goes to support my theory that women put way too much stuff in their purses.”

    I note your use of the word “theory” in that statement. Am I to assume that you don’t believe it’s a proven fact?



    Many of us of the female gender have a sense of humor and can take a joke.

    Speaking for myself: I’ve downsized my purses in recent years. That way I CAN’T put way too much stuff in them–just the essentials.

  6. โ€œThis also goes to support my theory that women put way too much stuff in their purses.โ€

    My first hearty laugh of the day. Very funny. (I am definitely one of those women.)

  7. “This also goes to support my theory that women put way too much stuff in their purses.”

    This is one of those things you can think and best not to say as it will get you in trouble and nothing at the same time…well maybe the couch or if you prefer the Divan…

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