Spain Re-Opens Murder Investigation of Three-Man U.S. Tank Crew

The Spanish government is demanding the appearance of a three-man US Abrams army tank crew in a trial on the death of cameraman Jose Couso in Baghdad in 2003. The call follows a reversal of a lower court’s decision finding that the death was found not to be premeditated when a tank shell hit a hotel in the city.High Court judge Santiago Pedraz has issued three international arrest warrants for the soldiers.

The “find and capture” warrant for the tank crew is based on the allegation that “they can be deemed to have committed a crime against the international community.”

The U.S. is unlikely to accommodate the demand — leading to a possible showdown internationally.

Interpol has been given the warrants.

Source: Morning Star

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  1. 1812 USMC:

    Ii think your expert opinion would be admissible — and likely persuasive –evidence before the Spanish tribunal assuming you took the specific facts of the incident into account. The American tank crew should have nothing to fear.

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