Louisiana Man Charged With 473 Counts of Sexual Assault on Underage Relative

Among accused child molesters, Holland McMorris, 63 in Tioga, La. may set a record. He was charged with 473 counts of sexual assault after he allegedly molested an underage relative for more than three years.

The molestation allegedly occurred from May, 2006 until August 2009. What is striking is how the prosecutors can individually support claims for such a high-number of specific incidents over the course of such a long period. He is charged with 157 counts of aggravated incest, 157 counts of sexual battery, 157 counts of molestation of a juvenile and two counts of attempted aggravated rape. That means that the prosecution would have to prove the occurrence of each of those incidents — presumably with the victim recounting the dates and specific act.

Source: News Star

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  1. FYI:

    “Last month, hedge-fund mogul Jeffrey Epstein went free with a sentence that amounted to a slap on the wrist in a high-profile child sex case. Now other defendants are using his case as a springboard to plead for leniency.

    On May 7, Joel De Fabio, a Miami criminal attorney, was appointed to represent Johnny Saintil, a Haitian American accused of three counts of child sex trafficking. In addition to Saintil, who was also known as “J1,” four other men were arrested and charged: Michael Defrand aka “Fats” or “Fatboy”; Stanley Wilson aka “Bird”; Maritza Rodriguez aka “Sunshine” or “Ritz,” and Latanya Ned.”


  2. Hopefully one of those charges is punishable by death although prison life for child molesters might be worse.

  3. I agree that this creep should be put away for the rest of his life and see what kind of action he can get when he drops his soap in the prison shower! To take advantage of a blood relative and a child is inhuman.

  4. mespo,

    One of the craziest persons I ever met was a social worker.

    Conversely, one of the sanest persons I know is a social worker.

    This guy is simply an animal. No, no. I amend that. He’s a lowly beast. I don’t want to give animals in general a bad name by association.

  5. Wouldn’t it be smarter to charge him with, oh lets say 40 assaults, and wait for the outcome? Then, if it was needed or desirable, charge him with an additional 40. Wouldn’t that allow for multiple sentences running consecutively not concurrently or prevent a single blown prosecution from letting him walk?

  6. Perhaps the victim kept a diary? Or is going to testify that abuse occurred every single time he visited and there is a way to track his visits?

  7. Most states have a single charge for recurring molestation over a long period of time. I’m not sure what Louisiana has, but it is unfair to the jury to make them work through 157 different events. This seems to be a poorly charged case.

  8. This is after all, Louisiana as you say. Is not the Napoleon Code different than the rest of the worlds?

    This seem like a lot of over charge. But then it is a child which is near and dear, so maybe not.

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