650 Million Year Old Fossil or 650 Million Year Miscalculation?

Scientists believe that they have found the oldest record of animal life on Earth: 650 Million year old fossil sponges in Australia. For their part, Creationists this week believe they have found an almost 650 million year miscalculation by scientists who seem to forget that the Earth is only 5000 years old — as established by the Bible and Palintology.

The find pushes back the finding of life 70 million years.

The find was made by Princeton geosciences professor Adam Maloof and graduate student Catherine Rose who were studying the “snowball” period when the Earth was encased in ice 635 million years ago. What is notable is that these creatures appear to have survived the snowball period.

Source: CNN

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  1. Whoolie,

    Which is distinct from Palinology: the art of reading the future based on the reading of moose entrails.

  2. Sponges.

    Who would have thought that politicians and CEO’s evolved so early?

  3. I survived the snowball period as well….whats a little math that can’t be fixed by good PR and of course a Mathman…introducing Slarti….and a Paleontologist…

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