Murdering Little Death: Mexican Woman Arrested in Murder of Midget Wrestlers

140px-Mascara_Blue_Demon.svgWe previously followed the murder investigation of twin midget wrestlers Alejandro “Espectrito” and Alberto “La Parkita” (“Little Death”) Perez Jimenez. Now, a 65-year-old woman has been arrested after being identified on surveillance video.

Police confirmed that the wrestlers had a lethal level of a chemical found in eye drops in their systems. The chemical can cause damage to the nervous system when mixed with alcohol. Police say that female robbers use the drug to knock out victims but that the two women suspected in this case did not account for the small size of the men when setting the dose.

In the United States, this would be charged as a felony murder if the theory of the police is presented at trial.

Source: Telegraph

4 thoughts on “Murdering Little Death: Mexican Woman Arrested in Murder of Midget Wrestlers”

  1. I agree with HenMan. I’ve heard Ricardo is an excellent head investigator.

  2. First, isn’t the word midget considered a deragatory term nowadays?

    Second, the chemical was probably scopolamine. Sometimes it can be administered in drinks, or even if a person gets close to your face. Very common in Central and South America.

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