Teens Foul A Pool and Receive Burglary Charge

This story only intrigued me due to one of the mug shots for Andrew Harris, 18, and Michael Cline, 19. These teens were caught defecating in a hotel pool as a joke. Once arrested, it is a good idea to look a bit contrite. God help his lawyer if his mug shot is actually shown to the judge.

​The teens picked a high-end hotel for their low-end antics: Renaissance Vinoy Resort & Golf Club. People watched as they pulled their prank. The teens first fouled their own pants and then dove into the pool and wrote a giant X on the bottom of the pool with the excrement. They also spread it around the pool. They then went and relaxed in the hut tub until police came and arrested them after midnight.

They received a single charge of burglary each for their artwork.

Source: Miami New Times

16 thoughts on “Teens Foul A Pool and Receive Burglary Charge”

  1. i was just reading where one of them “defacated into his shorts then reached in his shorts and flung it around the pool”.

    some are closer to monkeys than others

  2. Blouise,

    You are correct, it is my inevitably charming personality with a equally charming 72′ Rivera, what feminine fatal could resist the dual cams churning…..

  3. I gotta laugh out of that last one. I seem to recall a Bourbon and Coke when we went to the theater…Yes, back in the olden days we didn’t have dvds, vcrs, vhs alpha or beta. It was the three channels on tv, the cable, drive in where you could drive it in, if you were lucky.

  4. “People watched as they pulled their prank. ”

    ‘They received a single charge of burglary each for their artwork.’

    I followed no links, read no further….someone please tell me why such a small slap on the wrist and that in addition they had to clean the pool, probation for a very long time, and a psych evaluation ( at the least) because the alarms indicating of anti-social and deliberate harmful behavior towards others are all going off….

  5. Perhaps they were doing a secret audition for the Republican Dirty Tricks Department … democrats are usually required to produce soapsuds …..

  6. And lest we forget the master . . .


  7. And because I simply could not resist . . .

    Smells Like Teen Spirit


  8. AY,

    Those punks don’t have to take any shit off of you.

    They’ll be glad to give you some though.


    Even if you don’t have a pool.

  9. Hmmmm, I wonder if they have a substance abuse problem? This sounds a little out of the ordinary but hey, some people are actually crazy. For now I have given up my tin foil hat……they needed to strain the potatoes or something like that. I wonder if Dan can spell it correctly.

  10. Tom Delay smiled for his mug shot because he said he wanted to ‘show how wonderful Jesus is’, or some religious nonsense.

    I suspect this isn’t the first time these two did something so incredibly disgraceful and crude. The kid is probably smiling because he knows his Familys’ money will make any problem go away, just like always.

    Their parents must be so proud.

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