Grand Mufti of Dubai Calls For Ban on Marriages To Non-Muslims

Ever wonder if anyone has ever answered the call of a preacher asking if “anyone objects to this union” at a marriage? The Grand Mufti of Dubai is that guy. The Grand Mufti Dr Ahmad al-Haddad, the emirate’s most senior Islamic scholar has called for a ban on Dubai citizens marrying non-Muslims to protect the Islamic faith.

Locals are increasingly marrying outsiders because the dowry for local brides has risen to more than $500,000. Such marriages have risen more than 10 percent for the Grand Mufti has acted to “put asunder” what love or convenience has joined.

The Grand Mufti insists that marriages should be limited to Muslim Arabs. In the ultimate example of religious tyranny, the Mufti explained why he can dictate the spouses — or at least who cannot be a spouse — for locals: ”In Islam, choosing your life partner is a personal freedom. But personal freedoms can be restricted for the benefit of the public interest.”

If you are getting married, you might not want to invite the Grand Mufti to the ceremony.

Source: SMH

17 thoughts on “Grand Mufti of Dubai Calls For Ban on Marriages To Non-Muslims”

  1. Actually, it won’t end until exclusionary religions stop being so; because sexism is just a doctrinal microcosm of the overall exclusionary principle. Men do not want to share their religiously assigned power with women anymore than they want to share their privileged proximity to power (Truth/God) with people (males)of a different faith. It all has more to do with patrilineage than anything else.

  2. YK, thank you for your explanation. What it illustrates, however, is a phenomenon observed in all major religions, the shaping of theological doctrine to cultural demands. This is the same sort of nonsense that causes conservative Christians, including Christian women, to resist efforts to end sexism in religion. It will not end until we have new generations of religious leaders who are truly educated people.

  3. I am confused at the reaction to this, don’t all religions have the same rules and the same stupidity? if we keep on getting shocked and react to the same trivial issues found for eternity and everywhere when do we move on to deal with the real issues?

  4. Hi,

    I am of the Muslim faith and have a better understanding of what is going on so I would like to shed some light on this topic.

    Muslim women do not marry non-Muslim men because of the way the Muslim home is set up. So when about 10% of eligible bachelors are marrying non-Muslim women, no one is marrying the 10% of Muslim women. In an Islamic society this can prove to be a social crisis since Muslims do not have have families outside of marriage and many young women are left “husband-less and family-less”.


  5. It’s actually as much about marrying foreigners as about marrying muslims. Marrying non-Muslims is a consequence of marrying non-locals, but only one reason not to marry foreigners.

    This would all make perfect sense to you if you had been born and raised in the seventh century, so try to be open-minded.

  6. The fact that someone like Hughes has joined in the muslim-bashing (as noted in the link Woosty posted)is just another example of the organized republican effort this election season to take voters’ attention away from Wall Street, the Banks and BP’s mess in the Gulf, all which have close associations with the Republican Party, and instead attempt to focus “street republicans” on muslims, blacks, hispanics, and others … it always works … it’s the latest color coded threat alert system and “street republicans” always fall for it.

  7. ‘Locals are increasingly marrying outsiders because the dowry for local brides has risen to more than $500,000.’
    slavers and pimps have a lot in common with!

  8. Morning to all and especially to Blouise. I bet one of the articles hit home today.


    Whats ya muttering about again. You got that stupid grin again? Ah, the keys to reality or whatever that looks like this morning.

  9. That’s goes for you too, Herr Hide the Pedophile Pope!

    (Buddha wanders off muttering something about horses and water . . .)

  10. “Why yes, ‘Lil Timmy, being a theocratic racist who would quash True Love is much more important than True Love itself. Now go play in your ‘Kill the Infidel’ coloring book.”

    I hope this pronouncement is making moderate Muslims taste a little bit of vomit in the backs of their mouths this morning.

  11. Amen, Amen….you stay there and don’t come here. I don’t really care who has a restraint on marriage. But it ain’t legal here…yet… was…..but some old fuddy’s will got broke….

  12. It seems the Grand Mufti has little faith in his faith to survive the faiths of others. Insecurity is always the main ingredient in producing a bully and I’ve always considered exclusionary religions existential bullies.

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