The Senate trial for United States District Court Judge Thomas Porteous begins today at 8 a.m. Today we will hear opening statements and the testimony of Robert Creely, Jake Amato, Joe Mole, and others.

Much of this testimony will center on Article I of the impeachment. I have attached our motions to dismiss Article One and our general summary if you are following the case.

Motion to Dismiss Article I

Porteous Pre-Trial Statement
Porteous Pre-Trial Statement – Exhibits


  1. It also seems that there are a lot of “allen harpers” out there in the legal community when it come to paying for lunch/dinner.

  2. Beaking for lunch at 12:45,senator McCaskill so far seems to be in charge and hopefully the hearing will proceed as smooth as it has been so far.

  3. I second mespo’s comment. Relying upon the conscience standard over a more objective evidentiary standard from people demonstrably lacking conscience based on their actions is a conundrum that speaks for itself.

    I would also like to add the sidebar: nice tie selection by our fearless leader. A very restrained and “objective” color choice.

  4. JT:

    Thank you for a interesting summary from the defense perspective on the impeachment. I find the argument seeking a lifting of the impeachment standard of proof to match the criminal standard very thoughtful and well-crafted, though I do not think it will carry the day with the Senators, who very much like their “conscience” standard. Who can blame them? It is quite difficult to adopt a standard that sets parameters on decision-making in the face of one which affords utter freedom of action to those whose consciences cannot be offended.

  5. “After all, senators,” said Schiff, assuming the tack that he predicted Porteous’ counsel would take, “we’re talking about New Orleans, it’s New Orleans, they all do it, and if you’re going to impeach judges in New Orleans for this sort of stuff, then you’ll have to impeach all of them.

    But Jonathan Turley, Porteous’ chief counsel, said that the House is attempting to remove the judge for conduct that is common in small-town courthouses, like the Gretna courthouse where Porteous served as judge before his federal appointment, that and many of the allegations are false.

  6. FFLEO,

    When I first entered this blog, you and lotta were most gracious to me … in fact, you steered me to my new computer … I will always look for ways to help you … karma

  7. Blouise,

    I am so remote that I do not get good analog radio reception and Internet radio still uses substantial bandwidth. However, if I am unable to view the video–sometimes happens on satellite depending on the weather at several locals–web radio is the next option *if* I get any Internet service at that time.

    However, I will try to use the streaming audio to determine when the hearing resumes and then stream the video.

    Thanks for the idea.

  8. Hmmmm … thus far I’ve learned that it is not a good idea to buy lunch for any Federal or State employee ever ’cause one never knows where said employee will end up and when the guidelines might change and how far back politicians will reach to bring charges against said employees.

  9. FFLEO,

    I don’t know if this helps or if you have reception but C-Span is also broadcasting on radio … might help with your bandwidth to be streaming just audio

  10. Thenk you Ms. EM–and to others with future ‘back in session’ posts. I appreciate those.

  11. Let’s take note of the Senators who lacked the discipline or the manners to return on time.

  12. eniobob et al.

    Thanks for the timeline update. Since I am viewing this via the web and my satellite Internet bandwidth is very limited (although I have the highest available package) I must stop viewing when there are breaks in the proceedings.

    Therefore, it would help me if someone could post on this thread when the proceeding *resumed* after the break in coverage. As we all know, 15 minutes breaks often run longer than that.

    Thank you.

  13. Wow, what polar opposites.

    Everyone was yelling “off with the judge’s head” during the prosecution’s opening, but when Prof. Turley was finished with his opening the atmosphere changed into the opposite “the House stampeded in political fear once again”.

  14. The Prof’s opening was so well done that even the Senators and their staff were paying close attention. I am looking forward to hearing from the witnesses.

  15. I think the fact that no prior indictment or criminal trial on this case ever occurred is very important.

    I will admit that my opinion of Judge Porteous was not at all favorable until I heard Professor Turley’s opening statement.

    However, I will need a lot more evidence to be convinced that Porteous should *not* be impeached.

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