Canadian Woman Admits to Faking Acid Attack

Police in Vancouver, Washington have found the culprit in the horrific acid attack of a woman — it was the woman herself. Bethany Storro has admitted that she did it to herself.

The police were highly suspicious, particularly over the splash pattern and the fact that it didn’t run down Storro’s neck.

In a story that made international headlines, she earlier claimed that that a black woman approached her and said, “Hey, pretty girl, want something to drink?” When she said no, Storro said the woman hurled a cup of caustic liquid at her.

She could be charged with false or misleading statement to a police officer, a gross misdemeanor. However, the more serious charge could be theft by deception for all of the money donated to her.

Source: Columbian

16 thoughts on “Canadian Woman Admits to Faking Acid Attack”

  1. No black woman, sane or insane, would describe Bethany as pretty – in fact not even Stevie Wonder would describe Bethany as pretty. Makes you wonder why suspicions were not raised sooner.

  2. I’d respond Blouise, but I have to go and buy a Crispy Crunch and some Thrills gum (tastes like soap!) with my Canadian Tire money.

  3. empirecookie,

    Entertaining and to the question, “And c’mon, do we all really sound like extras in Fargo?” … I would respond, “Maybe not Fargo but definitely The Red Green Show.”

  4. At the time of the Smith killings there was a very interesting article about the propensity of fakers to ID Blacks as the culprit. There was Smith & the guy that shot his wife & himself outside the hospital in Boston that I remember but they listed a dozen or so others. I don’t recall that they made any conclusion just noting the sad fact.

    Remember that Kevin Smith had problems with the release of “Dogma” and hid out for a time after that. Its never a good idea to incite the insane.

  5. “The police were highly suspicious, particularly over the splash pattern and the fact that it didn’t run down Storro’s neck”

    So if it had ran down her neck that would have sent off no alarm?

  6. Tony C.,

    That’s a possibility. True.

    But I submit that greed can be a form of mental illness that can be rooted in several pathologically diagnosable states or in just plain old venal stupidity.

    The only one who can answer that is ultimately the woman (either by confession or diagnosis).

  7. @Buddha: I don’t think it is bad mental health, it is pure greed. I doubt that boxers, UFC contestants, stunt men, reality TV show contestants, professional football players or race car drivers would be nearly as willing to risk death and disability if it weren’t for the money.

    I think she figured a good burn might win her a year’s pay and some TV time she could parlay into some that-poor-girl cash. No blindness, though. That was probably the clue for the police; acid in the face hits the eyes, and if the eyes are reflexively closed it hits the eyelids. You can’t douse the forehead and nose and cheeks and chin with a liquid and not hit the eye area. She painted it on her herself.

  8. I never ceased to be surprised at the acts bad mental health is capable of driving people to commit.

  9. Off Topic (sort of)
    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, another woman may be in real peril.

    [Mohammed cartoonist goes into hiding September 17, 2010

    SEATTLE — The Seattle cartoonist who started “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” with a satirical cartoon in support of free speech has reportedly gone into hiding on the advice of the FBI.

    Seattle Weekly editor-in-chief Mark D. Fefer announced in Wednesday’s issue that Molly Norris’ comic would no longer appear in the paper.

    Fefer wrote that the FBI advised Norris to move, change her name and wipe away her identity because of a fatwa, or death sentence, issued against her this summer.

    “She is, in effect, being put in a witness-protection program — except, as she notes, without the government picking up the tab,” Fefer wrote. ],CST-NWS-toon17.article

    I have a few questions.

    1. Should she do as the FBI suggests?

    2. How does one “wipe away” ones identity?

    3. What happens with her Social Security payments now and when she retires?

    4. How easy is it to “disappear” in modern day USA?

  10. The story is about a woman in Vancouver, WASHINGTON. It’s bad enough this woman raced to scapegoat African-Americans, we shouldn’t impugn are Canadian neighbors with this very American brand of racism.

    Lest we forget that Smith woman who made a similar claim to hide killing her own children. If you read the accompanying article from the newspaper, The Columbian, it mentions how the hoax fanned a huge and ugly white supremist reaction when the story first broke.

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