Note to Self: Mask First, Robbery Second

Jamie Carlos Hernandez, 41, may have lost that note to self reading “mask first, robbery second.” The Michigan man put on his son’s Darth Vader mask to conceal his identity but waited to put it on after he entered the store and while being filmed by security cameras.

Hernandez robbed a Get ‘N Go Market convenience store but donned the mask after entering the store. He then fumbled with the mask which he put on backwards initially. After the wardrobe malfunction, he proceeded to pull out a butcher knife and rob the store clerk.

He has been charged with armed robbery. This is what happens when you yield to the dark side, Luke.

Source: Free Press

16 thoughts on “Note to Self: Mask First, Robbery Second”

  1. just below and to the right of the aol article is a box with todays random question “who owns the word IHOP, the international house of pancakes or the international house of prayer”?

  2. eniobob,

    I’m trying very hard not to chuckle at the picture in my mind of mounted police tracking a one legged man through the woods … because the man had presented a very real danger to others … I’m semi-succeeding.

  3. mespo,

    very, very nice … who cares if it fits … a warm brandy voice is always a good listen

  4. Well at least it’s one more troll off the streets.

    And such a disservice to the Sith Master! Such a performance merits only a Stormtrooper mask at best.

  5. And Armed Robbery in Michigan can be a Life Offense…..I hope he did not rob a store in a little ole town, because that’s what he’ll get….Yes, there is great disparity from county to county, city to city for the same offense….

  6. I have said often that the term, “dumb crook” is redundant. Once again, the dumb crook did not disappoint.

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