Fake Florida Doctor Arrested After Using “Fix-a-Flat” to Augment Woman’s Buttock

Florida police have arrested faux doctor Ana Josefa Sevilla in one of the growing number of cases involving unlicensed cosmetic operations. In this case, Servilla is accused of using “Fix-a-Flat” aerosol instead of Botox.

In one of the cases under investigation, a woman was actually approached in a parking lot with an offer of injections to improve the appearance of her buttocks. I am not sure how you make that particular pitch without being slugged, but it appears that some women actually sign up.

We have been following these cases around the country, including some which led to the death of the patient.

Police say that the victims in this case were not injected with silicone nor Botox, but rather industrial liquids including Super Glue and a tire-inflation aerosol product called “Fix-a-Flat.” Servilla allegedly dressed as a doctor. She allegedly struck up a conversation as Rodriguez was walking out of a health spa. The victim said that Sevilla gave her a flyer on buttocks augmentation. Rodridquez paid $1,100 for the procedure. She, however, immediately knew something was wrong when she felt extreme pain despite allegedly being given anesthesia. She says that she passed out and later developed a severe infection. She was hospitalized and required surgery.

Sevilla now faces two counts of unlicensed practice of a health care profession and practicing or attempting to practice medicine without a license.

The article below describes other women dying from such procedures by fake doctors, including one death as a so-called “pumping party.”

Source: Miami Herald

39 thoughts on “Fake Florida Doctor Arrested After Using “Fix-a-Flat” to Augment Woman’s Buttock”

  1. Addiction Analyst –

    Think about this: If you’re a professional big rig driver or cab driver or ambulance driver, you still need a special license, training and pass a pretty challenging road test before you can even think about driving limousine.

    But a foot doctor, a psychiatrist or a flu specialist can hang out a sign tomorrow and immediately start cutting on your face, by calling himself (or herself) a “cosmetic surgeon.” Presto! Magic! No training needed. Want your breasts bigger? No problem. I read a book about that.

    And 500 Americans die every day while being treated medically, and we walk around like clones letting it happen.

    Didn’t hear anything about THAT lunacy, during all that 2-year blabber on ‘health care’ did you?

    The exasperating fact is, no other profession in society does more damage to citizens. Which is exactly what we get when we allow medicine to police itself.

    Lord love a duck.

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  4. Elane M.,

    I hear tell that thar are some that have different appetites when they are between the stacks….I am red in the face now..

  5. Elaine M –

    First, I hate to break the news, but men all over this country (and they say the Japanese have it down to a science)have been entertaining “Inflate-a-Date” girls for decades.

    As a physician misbehavior investigator, I have two points to make about this particular article:

    1. The perpetrator should be locked away for a very long time – but she won’t be.

    2. The “patient” is too stupid to breathe, and she too should be locked away where she can’t hurt herself with, say, a big mean ham sandwich.

    3. of all the fears normal folks might have regarding errant medical treatments, you can trust me when I say it ain’t the “fake docs” that are doing the damage.

    For the record, the rather secretive organization known as the National Practitioner Data Bank holds files on an eye-popping 237,000 doctors, referred to by watchdog group Public Citizen as “Dangerous” or “Questionable.”

    And well over 250 of them were themselves injecting fake Botox into our people who prefer plastic.

    Last year alone, 2,490 physicians were found guilty of serious misbehavior. This year? Well, I’ve managed to find 2,080 thus far.

    A recent Harvard study revealed that “48,000 Americans die each year because they can’t afford medical care.”

    Fascinating, when you consider a previous Harvard study discovered 198,000 die as a result of medical care they COULD afford.

    See “America’s Dumbest Doctors” for more fun detail. And in the meantime, do all you can, folks, to dodge the Medical Maniacs, because, trust us, they – are – everywhere.

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    Elaine…..You are good…… are school librarians still a hit…..

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