12 thoughts on “Introducing The Kennel Car”

  1. Look closely. I think the license plate says Rott Express, so I guess they’re rottweilers. Cute. Personally, I prefer dobermans.

  2. That combination of black and tan is found in Dobermans, Rottweilers and many Kelpies. Kelpies are really very cute and so extremely friendly.

  3. Rottweilers I think. Rexx and I were in the park yesterday and we met a very nice old Rottweiler. He was definitely not a scary dog.

    The idea that big dogs are dangerous is silly. When did any of you last see a dog with an AK47?

  4. Thanks, Blouise and eniobob- I looked at nextdaypets.com and they look like Rottweilers to me. Very cute puppies, but very scary adults.

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