Getting to the Bottom of the Matter: Florida Man Denies Possession of Cocaine Between Buttocks

Raymond Stanley Roberts may go down in history as the ultimate example of the legal advice “deny everything.” When Manatee County deputies removed bags of marijuana and cocaine from his buttocks in a search, Roberts denied the cocaine was his.

Notably, Roberts, 25, reportedly had only a partial denial, stating “[t]he white stuff is not mine, but the weed is.”

This is a case that seems to fall under the adage “possession is nine-tenths of the law.” Well, ten tenths to be exact . . . he was arrested for drug possession.

Source: Bay News and USA Today

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  1. WASHINGTON — CBS Radio News correspondent Howard Arenstein has been arrested on marijuana charges in Washington.

    Charlie Brown D.C. police spokesman Lt. Nicholas Breul said Arenstein and his wife were arrested early Saturday and charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

    Breul says vice units had received a complaint of marijuana growing in the couple’s backyard. Police then obtained a search warrant for the home in northwest D.C.

    Breul says officers found large, mature cannabis plants, standing more than 8 feet high. In addition, they found packaged marijuana inside the home.

    According to the CBS News website, Arenstein serves as radio bureau manager for CBS News, Washington.

    A CBS News spokeswoman declined to comment.

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