Police Officer Responds To Robbery and Fires Eight Times At The Victim

A Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy responded to a robbery call at a Hollywood liquor store and fired eight times at a man spotted leaving the store. It turned out to be the clerk who reported the robbery who was unarmed. Fortunately, the officer did not hit the clerk with any of the eight rounds.

The officer said that he believed the clerk was armed before firing the shots. This raises not just a question of aim but judgment and training. In this case, it was the victim who was not in fact armed. Presumably, if told to stop, the clerk would have stopped.

The only victims were windows of various stores shattered by the bullets.

Source: LA Times

15 thoughts on “Police Officer Responds To Robbery and Fires Eight Times At The Victim”

  1. It is a good think that stupidity kept his from being a good marksman. He must be the brunt of his colleagues jokes. I would love to hear what the store owner told his family and friends.

  2. Pete, the next 4 were warning shots. Then the policeman got overpowered by the victim while he was trying to reload.

  3. Dredd,

    How is your link that you posted under your comment is related to the subject at hand here in any way?

    Can we please stay on subject without you trying to manipulate us going over to your blog so you could falsely boast about the hits on your blog?

    Now back to the subject. I’m bothered by 3 facts: 1) The deputy did not see any weapon and grossly assumed that if he didn’t see it, then it must be there. 2) he missed 8 times! 3) They didn’t release the deputy’s name.

    I hope that deputy is not allowed to work the street and is instead slapped with desk duty for rest of his career life.

  4. So it seems that nowadays if you call for help,you should assume the position before the cops show up to be safe.

  5. HenMan
    1, October 4, 2010 at 7:54 am
    Sounds like the great TV character “Sledge Hammer” is back on the job.


    1, October 4, 2010 at 11:05 am
    This is what happens when Barney Fife’s gun has a clip.


    Two coffee spits on one thread … my keyboard is wet but I am smiling.

  6. Hey… it’s the wild west, according to the new Law & Order: LA. Why not shoot first and ask questions later? It’s the law of the west, right?

    BTW: I will the original L&O. I am not a fan of La-La-Land. Bring back Jack McCoy!

  7. Dredd,

    I don’t think he aimed. He popped eight shots off and didn’t hit anybody. LOL!


    Thanks for the “Sledgehammer” reference…great show.

  8. HenMan,

    “Sledgehammer!” was really funny.

    This guy? Not so much.

    (As an aside, David Rasche of “Sledgehammer!” fame has also recently taken a turn for the character worse in the new series “Rubicon”.)

  9. Why can we just all get along…..give me my 8….Million will ya…Rodney King….

    Hey it is LA after all…

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