Women Publicly Flogged In Indonesia For Selling Rice During Ramadan

Murni Amris, 27, and Rukiah Abdullah, 22, are the latest women to be flogged under Sharia law. Their crime in Indonesia? Selling food during Ramadan.

The public caning occurred at a mosque before hundreds of onlookers in the city of Jantho.

The women were spotted selling rice at noon during Ramadan when the faithful are expected to fast. This would not have been a crime before 2005 when Sharia law was introduced in Aceh.

One of the Sharia regulations states: “Whosoever prepares facilities for Muslims that do not fulfill religious standards during the fasting month of Ramadan faces either a year in jail, a fine of Rp 3 million ($340) or being caned in front of an audience for a maximum of six times.”

Source: Daily Mail

6 thoughts on “Women Publicly Flogged In Indonesia For Selling Rice During Ramadan”

  1. I live in a sharia country that sells food all day during ramadan. I don’t understand Indonesia’s actions at all. People cook before iftar!

  2. i can remember when it was unlawful for grocery stores to open on sundays.
    religious fanatics come in lots of flavors

  3. Did anyone buy rice? If so, were they also flogged? If not, then how can the women be flogged for selling nothing?

    Wanna feel really special and important? Join a religion.

  4. Y’know, guys, the fasting hours during Ramadan are only from sunup to sundown. It might be useful to let the ladies buy rice during the day so they can feed you at night. It ain’t haram. Just sayin’.

  5. Rice, cane…any Cuban would be happy to have….they already suffer much….Come on guys give it a break…

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