The Reich Man For the Job? Ohio GOP Candidate Shown in Nazi Uniform

What is it about public officials and Nazi uniforms these days. We just saw a Portland police officer accused wearing a Nazi uniform and building a memorial to fallen German soldiers including a SS officer and a war criminal. Now, Rich Iott, Ohio Republican nominee for Ohio’s Ninth District (second from the right) has been shown in his World War II German uniform.

Iott a wealth businessman running against Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D). He likes to hang out with other World War II reenactors as a faux member of the 5th SS Wiking Panzer Division. The Atlantic article below has some incredible quotes from the website of the group about how the real soldiers were “idealists” who fought to protect the motherland. However, the site says:

“This page or anyone involved in its creation, or members of reenactment groups listed here, are in no way affiliated with real, radical political organizations (i.e., KKK, Aryan Nation, American Nazi Party, etc.) and do not embrace the philosophies and actions of the original NSDAP (Nazi party), and wholeheartedly condemn the atrocities which made them infamous.”

Iott insists that he is not a Nazi — he essentially just plays one at these events.

Parts of the 5th SS Wiking Panzer Division were accused of war crimes against Jews in the Ukraine.

Of course, this allows Iott to release his new slogan: “Vote for Iott: Because It Is Better To Be A Little Reich Than A Lot Wrong.”

Source: The Atlantic.

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  1. Buckeye:

    I tend to agree that you can discriminate in a private club. After all you have the option of discriminating against joining a particular club if you don’t like the members or what the club stands for. It’s a private club owned by an individual or group of individuals, if they don’t want someone to join then what is the problem?

    I heard a story about a white guy that couldn’t get into an exclusive club because he didn’t make his money the “right” way, nothing illegal. So he went out and created his own club, he was a rich guy, and competed with the stuffed shirts.

    Discrimination sounds bad but it happens in many areas, what about SAT scores, or grades or a job based on having a college education (my wife calls that legalized discrimination)? Most jobs don’t need a college education and can be learned on the job.

    I think racists are the lowest form of human life because they do not look at the individual but at the “tribe” the individual comes from.

    ” It is the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic lineage—the notion that a man’s intellectual and characterological traits are produced and transmitted by his internal body chemistry. Which means, in practice, that a man is to be judged, not by his own character and actions, but by the characters and actions of a collective of ancestors.”

  2. Byron

    I don’t think cities should subsidize sports arenas, though the profit to a city from such enterprises can be great – when the economy is good and the fans enthused.

    I don’t think personal property should be taken for a business’ use either. I’m not sure why you would think any liberal would go for either of these things.

    Just as I’m not sure why you think the left is against free markets (really free, that is). Now you will have to show me the proof of your assumptions.

    Rand Paul tape: It’s in two parts and the first part is jerky, but does continue eventually to the second part.

    I gained from it that Mr. Paul is very much against discrimination in general, and discrimination in any public facilty, but thinks private businesses (like clubs – though he would never attend one) may discriminate – which is, now, illegal.

    And in re-watching it, I think you will be interested in his solution to the problem of handicap accessibility. Most facilities seem to have such accessiblity unless you live in an older area that hasn’t complied because of grandfathering?

    If you watch MSNBC, you can see these things as they occur. Just a suggestion. 🙂

  3. Buckeye:

    you probably support some of those issues that the lower link is asking about such as local tax support for sports arenas, I am against that. If it is such a money maker then let the owner put up his own money. Or the Kelo v. CT question, I am certainly against a government taking peoples property to give to a business in the hopes of generating larger tax revenues. That’s just legalized theft in my mind.

    The bottom line is individual rights, if it isn’t good for the individual it typically isn’t good for society. Since society is nothing but a group of individuals.

  4. Buckeye:

    I am against most of that as well. But unfortunately the left does not believe in free markets so I must choose between civil liberties and economic liberties. They are both equally important so I come down on the side that, in my opinion, offers the most possibility for economic and political freedom.

    It is really a tough choice, the left is for personal freedom in the bedroom but not so much everywhere else. While the right is for economic freedom but wants to control the bedroom. So I guess the choice comes down to free love or free markets. I wish there was a party that was into both.

    “R. Paul thinks private businesses should be able to discriminate based on race, again, we’ve all seen the tape.”

    I haven’t can you post it?

    I use a wheelchair and there are plenty of businesses that discriminate against people in wheelchairs by virtue of not having their establishment accessible. I take my money other places. In a free market you wouldn’t last very long if you discriminated against 1/3 or 1/10 of a population. Rand Paul is probably referring to one of Thomas Sowell’s essays on discrimination. Sowell says a free market is the best thing to end discrimination. He is an economist who happens to be black so he carries a good deal of weight when he makes statements like that. He lived through it as he was born in about 1930.

    He also used to be a Marxist which also carries a good deal of weight.

  5. Byron

    “Sarah Palin kicks off her “Real American Stories” series Thursday night at 10 on the Fox News Channel.”

    I didn’t see it, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t included.

    You know that Angle, Buck, and Miller want no abortion even in cases of incest or rape, though all have cleaned up their websites so it doesn’t show, now, but we’ve all seen the tapes.

    R. Paul thinks private businesses should be able to discriminate based on race, again, we’ve all seen the tape.

    Every Tea Party site wants a repeal of what they call “Obamacare”.

    In addition to the signs in my post above, here’s the information from the horse’s mouth: (See question #45)

    And here’s an even closer to the ground Kentucky Tea Party questionnaire:

    That’s all the substance I have.

  6. Buckeye:

    I guess all I can say is prove your assertions. Long on attack and short on substance.

    Unending wars, you got that right:

    WWI – Wilson
    WWII – Roosevelt
    Korea – Truman
    Vietnam – Kennedy/Johnson
    Bosnia/Kosovo – Clinton
    Gulf I – Bush I (not much of a war because of overwhelming fire power which is as it should be)
    Gulf II – Bush II

  7. Byron

    I am pretty sure the Tea Party wouldn’t want you.


    Too, too right! I’m one of those “Not real American”s (don’t think as they do) they are so disdainful of.

    I’ve had enough success that I’m not envious of anyone. If by “spreading the wealth around by political or physical force if necessary” you mean that I think the government should level the playing field by ensuring there will be no discrimination in education, housing, etc. then yes I plead guilty.

    I want the government to care for those who can’t care for themselves. I want the government to force desegregation where necessary. I want the government to help local schools with education funding. I want the government to force employers and landlords to not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. I am willing, indeed happy, to pay the taxes necessary for the government to enforce those basic rights.

    I don’t want the government to pursue unending wars that have nothing to do with protecting me. I honor our servicemen but don’t find them more heroic than any other person that puts their life on the line to serve the public good.

    Guilty as charged. My bad. And that means I’m “not a REAL American” by Tea Party standards.

  8. Buckeye:

    I haven’t been to one and probably wont go. I do know many people that have been and they are not racist in any manner or fashion.

    If by real American you mean do I believe in the rule of law, an individuals right to his own life, civil liberties, helping one’s neighbor, working hard, taking risks, and generally contributing to society, then yes you are right.

    You sound like someone who is envious of other people’s success and are willing to spread the wealth around by political force or physical force if necessary. I am pretty sure the Tea Party wouldn’t want you.

  9. Byron

    You sound like a “real American” to me. I think you’d find the Tea Party a good fit.

    If you liked the signs, you should attend one in person. There’s an ambiance you just can’t experience by looking at a still photo.

  10. Byron,

    That’s like saying “Well, he only showed me the trophy mount of the 10 point buck he shot, not the actual head.”

    Or saying “well, since they only show grainy video of the moonlanding, and don’t actually take people up there, the people who believe it might be a hoax have a point.”

    They can throw a temper tantrum all they want that it’s not the exact form of proof that THEY wanted to see, but that doesn’t make their request reasonable.

  11. Byron,

    HI archives old long forms from the time he was born. They dig them out of storage for no one. They issue computerized short forms instead. The Birthers need to learn to live with it.

  12. Gyges:

    he didnt show the long form HI birth certificate and that is what the birthers have their knickers in a knot about.

    What are the other 2?

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