Over 1000 Teachers Fired For Abuse of Underaged Girls in Kenya

This is a shocking figure: More than 1,000 teachers have been fired for sexually abusing girls over the last two years in Kenya.

According to the government, last year, 600 teachers were dismissed over allegations of sexual abuse, and 500 more have been let go this year.

This represents less than the total of 240,000 teachers in Kenya but it still boggles the mind — and reaffirms allegations of an epidemic of sexual abuse in the country from child and women’s groups.

Source: ABC

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  1. This is far from the cruelest sexual abuse of children in Kenya. The number of women and girls who have been subjected to female circumcision in Kenya is about 50%. Which actually makes Kenya less bad than some of its neighbors, like Ethiopia and Somalia. The fact that the teachers have been fired is a good sign. Progress comes slowly, but it comes.

  2. I do not know all of the details but I just heard of a case from that makes me sick to my stomach and I could not take hearing all of the details but it happened here in the US. Mom takes child to ER for head bruise. The child is near gray. The child is examined. It has tears on the anal cavity and mouth. The child is one month old. The mom is interviewed. She revels that the father of the child came home drunk and sodomized the child and anally raped it and then threw it against the wall. This happened in the US and it is second hand knowledge I am sick to my stomach still. My only question was the person arrested and if they are still alive is WHY…

  3. “Firing Squad seems like an option….”

    but not one born out of Justice.

  4. Marnie,

    I have to disagree. The United States takes sex crimes extremely seriously, particularly against children. I don’t think there’s any district attorney in the country who wouldn’t prosecute credible allegations of sexual child abuse.

  5. At least 60 ad 80% of American women are sexually assaulted, most commonly when they are young girls or teens.

    So why are we constantly shocked when other countries behave like we do?

    Shocking and appalling as this article sounds if this country truly took child sexual abuse seriously there would be thousands of adults who are in positions of trust and power over children, who abuse those children who would be fired and prosecuted.

    We don’t want to see the horror and so as a society we don’t look. for it.

  6. I guess it’s a safe bet to say that none of these teachers was a Roman Catholic priest.

  7. Blouise,

    You probably would have liked, no, loved Papaw.

    The ladies always did.

    He was a charmer.

  8. Buddha Is Laughing
    1, Oct with words.

    Ocober 11, 2010 at 9:40 am

    It’s a technique called backhanded spin.

    Or as my grandfather put it, “sugar coated horseshit”.

    I would have liked your grandfather … he had a way with words.

    (We just got done dealing with this group on another thread)

  9. Blouise, don’t cross it off your list just yet!
    ….it’s beautiful there!

    Just make sure you go with a reputable group that knows where to take you about. See the wildlife before they are gone completely…don’t be scared off by the dark underbelly…you know, there are many who don’t come to this Country because of our ‘violence’.

  10. Blouise,

    It’s a technique called backhanded spin.

    Or as my grandfather put it, “sugar coated horseshit”.

    There are plenty of reasons to loathe Obama. Real legitimate Constitutional reasons. But his being a Kenyan (as debunked by the rock solid work of Vince Treacy on other threads) or a pedophile (a whole cloth false equivalence based on the faulty Birther premise of Obama’s citizenship) are not on that list of valid reasons.

  11. James,

    No where in the Prof’s post do I see the allegation that Obama is either 1) Kenyan or 2) a pedophile.

    A false equivalence is a form of logical fallacy.

    But your post did a nice job of getting that FAUX message out there.

    Good going.

  12. Oh nooooooo, you just gave Faux News is next bit of toxic propaganda against Barack Obama. Obama = Kenyan, Kenyans= child molesters, therefore: Obama= child molester. Thanks Mr. Turley, thanks for nothing.

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