Goose Cooked: Man Arrested After Jumping Into River To Catch One-Legged Goose For Dinner

In Wausau, a certain one-legged goose is getting the last honk after a man jumped into the river to catch it for dinner only to end up in jail. Troy Kaczor, 40, got the free meal in jail after he was rescued by police who later discovered he was a wanted man.

Kaczor took off his shirt and shoes in downtown Wausau and dove into the river to catch the one-legged goose. He was drunk and had to be rescued from the frigid water. The police then discovered he was wanted for jumping bail.

Source: Wausau Daily

Kudos: Reddit

14 thoughts on “Goose Cooked: Man Arrested After Jumping Into River To Catch One-Legged Goose For Dinner”

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    Naughty crab cakes.

  2. eniobob- The video was dated 6-26-09, so I think we can eliminate the possibility that he was bobbing for apples to celebrate Halloween. Maybe he thought the toilet led to the river and another try for the roast goose dinner. After all, what could possibly go wrong this time?

  3. Thank you, Buddha! Just found out about this today and knew someone could offer terrific suggestions at this blawg-o-brains. If I use one of yours, perhaps I’ll paint a little green face in the corner if you don’t mind.

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  5. Off Topic:

    I’m thinking of going to the Bush Liebury groundbreaking on November 16th. Any ideas for a sign? Can’t let this goose get away.

  6. The first part of the video catches Mr Kaczor trying to escape his jail cell:

    BTW don’t try this at home.

  7. That would be funny, mespo.

    I have it on good authority that flamingo tastes revolting.

  8. I guess he now can say Now I lay me Down…I dove and tried to grab the Goose. I misstepped and now I am the one that is goosed… Surprise…

  9. “Getting to the Bottom of the Matter: Florida Man Denies Possession of Cocaine Between Buttocks”

    “Goose Cooked: Man Arrested After Jumping Into River To Catch One-Legged Goose For Dinner”

    Are these guys distance cousins or something? ROFLMAO so early in the morning.

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