Canadian Man Ordered To Pay $873 Million In Fines For Spam

Adam Guerbuez has been ordered to pay $873 million in fines after sending four million spam messages to Facebook promoting marijuana and sexual-enhancement drugs.

From March to April 2008, Guerbuez sent 4,366,386 spam messages to Facebook users. He was fined $100 in damages and $100 in punitive damages for each of the messages.

The actual fine was ordered originally by a court in San Jose years ago and this was the enforcement order.

It may be a while before he makes good, however. He declared bankruptcy before the fine was imposed. Yet, on his blog, Guerbuez appears to relish his status as the world’s most fined spammer and seems to be taunting both Facebook and the court in past postings.

11 thoughts on “Canadian Man Ordered To Pay $873 Million In Fines For Spam”

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  2. Gingerbaker is on the money, he should just say sorry to every person aggreviously harmed, which is probably no one?

    I’d like to see his spamming activities as a George Carlin that’s merely pranking us to keep us on our toes.

    Suppose he spammed me and wasted a minute or two mouse clicks of mine, I’m not going to hold a 100 dollar grudge on him, am I mental?!

    In school I was taught that the justice system tended to underpunish criminals because we want to minimize the possibility we (over)punish a (fairly) innocent man as opposed to letting a guilty man go.
    The teacher, however, never mentioned that that system only held for cops, politicians and business criminals…

  3. The monetary fine is unproductive,cruel, and non rehabilitative.

    He should be forced to write “I will not send spam messages on the Internet” 500 times on a document and send a copy to every person aggreviously harmed on Facebook. And he should have to do this ten times a day for an entire year.

    And just so everyone knows who he is, his signature should contain information about his marijuana and sex drug offers.

    That should do the trick.

  4. Governments are trying their damnedest to get their arms around the “wild-west” internet.

    I’m not certain this is the way to do it.

  5. Do you think its gonna be paid or could it be served with cheese….How about fried….Ouch…

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