Unhappy Meals: Law Firm Introduces Drive-Thru Window

Do you want fries with that complaint? You can have it at the nation’s first drive-thru law office. The Kocian Law Group in Manchester believes that this is a way to distinguish itself among competitors. (I don’t have a picture of the Kocian drive thru but left is an example from the Maid Rite drive thru).

The building once held the Kenny Rogers Roasters and the firm decided to keep the drive-thru window. Of course if you do personal injury work as does Kocian, it cuts down the slip and falls — just don’t serve hot coffee. They also might want to avoid taking declarations through those order machines.

I just want to see the toys that come with the unhappy meal of divorce papers and subpoenas. A Clarence Darrow bobble head?

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10 thoughts on “Unhappy Meals: Law Firm Introduces Drive-Thru Window”

  1. This is not the first drive-thru law office in the country.
    In the 1980’s, there was a drive thru law office with a big sign that said “Drive-thru Divorces” and an actual drive-thru.

  2. eniobob,

    Don’t look now but I think HenMan has designs on your vehicle … he’s stealthy …..

  3. Blouise:

    This really proves that you never know who’s watching.That is really the make,model and color of my car.:-0

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