“You Say You Want a Revolution . . .” GOP Candidate Suggests Rebellion Is Option If Elections Fail To Achieve Changes

In Texas, Stephen Broden, a pastor and Republican congressional candidate, appears to have a back-up plan if he loses to Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson in Dallas 30th Congressional District. Broden refused to rule out armed rebellion if the elections to do result in a suitable change in leadership.

Broden said a violent uprising “is not the first option,” but it is “on the table.” Broden insisted that, absent constitutional changes, there may be no alternative. Quite simply, “the Framers say if that don’t work, revolution.”

He added “[i]f the government is not producing the results or has become destructive to the ends of our liberties, we have a right to get rid of that government and to get rid of it by any means necessary.” He does reassure fellow citizens that “it is not the first option.”

Broden previously argued that the housing and economic crisis were contrived by the Obama Administration.

For Johnson, Broden is Godsend. As we previously discussed, she has been criticized for giving 23 scholarships over five years to two of her grandsons, two children of her nephew, and two children of her top aide in Dallas. Broden has been running on the issue until he decided to add rebellion to his platform.

Rev. Broden appears to have been the subject of the Beatles decades before his run for Congress:

You say you got a real solution
Well you know
We’d all want to see the plan
You ask me for a contribution
Well you know
We’re all doing what we can
But if you want money for people with minds that hate
All I can tell you is brother you’ll have to wait
Don’t you know it’s gonna be alright [x4]

You say you’ll change the constitution
Well you know
We’d all love to change your head
You tell me it’s the institution
Well you know
You better free your mind instead

Source; Dallas New

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  1. I contacted wordpress and ask if they would look into it. They replied and asked me for more specifics and I have yet to here back.

    Hurricane Expert Ryan Maue Florida State adds: “as this storm pulls eastward, it will “bomb” out or explosively deepen over the Great Plains and move into the upper-Midwest. The barometric pressure will fall to 962 mb 955 mb according to the most recent GFS forecast, making it one of the deepest northern United States continental extratropical cyclones since 1979 for the 30-day period between October 15 and November 14. This will clearly be a historical storm and an extreme event:

  2. Bdaman,

    Posts are delayed again … thus far we have very balmy weather which is strange for the coast of Lake Erie in late October … I checked the site and read … that’s why I was asking about the cyclone thing …

  3. Hi Blouise have you seen this winter storm and are you getting any of it. It’s suppose to be a historical event.

  4. Bdaman,

    I refuse to be judged by my circle of friends … they are all crackpots …

  5. I’ll start at the justice department if you like. Briepart with his take on the Washington Post DOJ/Black Panther case. Oh and lets not forget The Black Panther Party endorsed Obama for President on Obama’s campaign website.

    Congratulations to the editors at the Washington Post. Seventeen months after the Eric Holder Justice Department dismissed a slam-dunk case against the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation, the Post gets around to printing a thorough vetting of the dismissal. The story is slated for Saturday’s print edition. While other media like Breitbart/The Bigs, Fox News, the Washington Times, the Weekly Standard, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Investors Business Daily, Pajamas Media, and Drudge have had dozens of stories on the corrupt New Black Panther dismissal, the Washington Post at last is in the game.

    The story is a shocker too. The shock comes from the middle of the road and factual nature of the story.

    There are small problems with the story. For one, the Washington Post is the only outlet that calls King Samir Shabazz by his old “slave name” (Shabazz’s own words) of Maruse Heath. Even Heath doesn’t call himself Heath. Of course this takes some of the sting off Shabazz’s rants against Jews and calls to kill “cracker babies in their crib.”

    The Post’s decision to change a man’s name for him is controversial. It has no place.

    But overall, the story is very bad news for Eric Holder.


  6. Byron,

    Just a quick question. Do you think Jefferson would advocate an armed revolution over the loss of a single election?

    Consider the practical side of things, the police forces in most major cities are better equipped than most of revolutionaries would be, not to mention Fed. law enforcement agencies, or even the actual military. I think in the face of an unwinnable war, Jefferson would most likely go the route that he himself help set up: Free and open elections.

    As Mr. Clinton and his friends are fond of saying “you don’t need the bullet when you’ve got the ballet.”

  7. Rove wants to redefine it as revolutionary change, change driven by an alien ideology, change no patriotic American could

    It obviously worked, lots of people with upset stomachs 🙂

    Buckeye there’s an old saying that goes surround yourself with good people and good things should happen. Surround yourself with bad and nothing good will ever come of it.

    As Mespo correctly pointed out how he is now a hero based on his association with an old classmate one need only to look at your circle of friends.

  8. bdaman

    Dr. Drew may have talked to Mr. Obama in 1980. The only thing that can be proved is that they both attended Occidental College.

    Mr. Drew graduated (probably in June) in 1979. Mr. Obama started (probably in September) in 1979. It is doubtful, therefore, that they were classmates. Mr. Drew may have stayed around long enough to talk to the 18 year old Obama, but I have my doubts.

    This sounds like an early salvo in the 2012 presidential election. Here is a story from April 2008 during the last presidential election. Does it sound familiar?

    [ A high-ranking labor supporter of Hillary Clinton is distributing to union leaders and to Democratic strategists a document detailing the radical activities of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, two former members of the ’70s group the Weather Underground, who decades later, in Chicago, crossed paths with Barack Obama.

    The document – a three-page emailed essay by Rick Sloan, communications director for the International Association of Machinists as Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) — takes both literary and political license to outline what Sloan believes would be the thrust of a hypothetical Republican campaign against Obama focusing on his tangential connection to Ayers and Dohrn.

    The goal of the essay appears to be to discredit Obama as the prospective Democratic presidential nominee.


    Sloan argues that Rove will use Ayers and Dohrn for ‘red-baiting’ attacks on Obama. Rove’s “target is Barack Obama’s signature slogan ‘Change We Can Believe In.’ Rove wants to redefine it as revolutionary change, change driven by an alien ideology, change no patriotic American could
    stomach. And he intends to do so by channeling Senator Joseph McCarthy.”]


    Same old, same old. Dr. Drew now runs a company that can sell you “speed grants”. Maybe he will be selling “speed scandals” during the next campaign.

  9. Mespo it’s all good. Congratulations again to you three.

    If we look at Obama as a first time business owner and running the company called the United States you right most business fail within the first five years. He’s got two under his belt and he is failing miserably. It won’t be long til they’ll have no choice but to close the doors.

    We are only beginning to understand Obama’s past. Anyone can smile shake hands, it makes for a good first impression. Had people really new Obama’s true background I don’t think he would be president today.

    I saw this the other day and posted it in the comment section and would like you opinion on what you think.

    Judge orders Miller documents released

    RULING: Public’s right to know trumps privacy concerns.

    Read more: http://www.adn.com/2010/10/23/1515937/judge-orders-miller-documents.html#ixzz13H8Xwz9X

    “It’s not correct to argue that merely by running for U.S. Senate, that somehow everything in your past: your school transcripts, your medical records, your birth certificate, or your personnel file, suddenly magically convert to public records,” Van Flein said.

    Burbank rejected that argument in his ruling, saying that people who run for office expect their past will be researched and revealed.

    Sound familiar.

  10. Bdaman- Bernardine Dohrn?? Yah, that was some party. I heard that Alger Hiss and his pal Whittaker Chambers were there having some pumpkin pie. The Rosenbergs were electrified when they got their invitation. That party was where the famous liberal agenda was invented. Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end.

  11. Bdman:

    “And he never took economics or science like I did. He went straight to law school, never had any business experience, never had a payroll to meet. And I think he’s locked in a very dangerous mindset, where if he didn’t fight to redistribute the wealth that he’d be violating [his] ideology.”


    “Dr. John Drew was a classmate of President Obama’s at Occidental College. Founder of the Democratic Student Socialist Alliance. Graduated Occidental College in 1979.Studied Marxist Economics at Sussex College in England and did his senior honor’s thesis on Marxist Economics when he was at Occidental College.”


    This is the canard of all canards. There is nothing special about being in business or meeting a payroll. Every lame-brain guy from my high school went into some type of business and failed, but they did meet a payroll or two even as they screwed up most every project. Most businesses do fail, so is your point that failing equals political acument?

    As for taking undergraduate macro-economics and science, do you really think that qualifies you ahead of a guy who ran two successful multi-million dollar political campaigns for US Senator from Illinois, and President of the United States ?

    That said, my favorite line is your last one, and only because is affects me. Here’s how: For four years in my college political science classes, I sat behind a rather athletic young man. He went off to the Marine Corps and I went to law school. I found out much later that he became the leader of the Marine security detachment aboard the USS Iowa. He was deployed on that fateful day when the gun turret blew, and was the first man into the turret after the explosion. Through his efforts at fire suppression the ship was saved and he was commended for it. Using your logic, I am now delighted to learn that, simply by virtue of my proximity to him for four happy years, I, too, am a national hero!!

  12. Standard Podcast: Play Now | Play in Popup


    Dr. John Drew was a classmate of President Obama’s at Occidental College. Founder of the Democratic Student Socialist Alliance. Graduated Occidental College in 1979.Studied Marxist Economics at Sussex College in England and did his senior honor’s thesis on Marxist Economics when he was at Occidental College.

    You can listen to the entire interview at the link above.

  13. You guys are suffering from denial.

    Gyges I’m enjoying it so much I’ve decided to donate my time so I’m doing it for free 🙂

  14. Bdaman- Sorry, I didn’t read post #5. I was too exhausted by the first four. You did identify the people and attribute your source- three people no one on the face of the Earth ever heard of. It’s still worthless.

  15. Gyges:

    Bdaman is a paid troll? If there is such a thing how do you get paid to troll er post?


    How much do you get paid?

  16. bdaman I can’t believe Bill Ayers is coming up again. Maybe you should bring up the Rev. Wright. He probably won’t be brought up again because his church was a United Church of Christ congregation and you want people to believe Obama is a muslim.

  17. Byron,

    Eh, sorry. BDAman’s an admitted troll, of the paid variety.

    When was the last time you had to quarter troops? Pay taxes without Representation?

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