Deutsch Tweet: Wisconsin GOP Candidate Criticized for Calling Hitler a “Strong Leader”

Just days after another GOP candidate was criticized for prancing around in a Nazi uniform, Wisconsin Republican state Senate candidate Dane Deutsch has been criticized for calling Adolph Hitler a “strong leader.”

Deutsch sent a tweet stating “Hitler and Lincoln were both strong leaders. Lincoln’s character made him the greater leader whose legacy and leadership still lives on!” For a guy named Deutsch, it played directly into his opponent’s hands who lambasted him for the tweet.

He later insisted that he was merely stating Hitler had a great influence on people. He insists that he was pointing out the difference between a leader with an evil and a leader with a righteous character — the latter having a more lasting legacy. That is a plausible explanation but Twitter is not the best means to make such profound thoughts in 140 characters or less. That may be a more Facebook chat item for the future.

Source; Tribune

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  1. lottakatz

    Real liberals. Is that like Real Americans?

    I guess I’m no more a real liberal than I am a real American if Grayson is the best we can do. I’ll just hang out here in the middle till the revolution comes, if that’s O.K.

  2. Politicians like Grayson and Kucinich are as threatening to the Democratic party and their esteemed Democratic colleagues as they are to Republicans. I’m not surprised that Grayson would be spoken of badly by fellow Democrats or that his campaign would receive slim-to-no support from the DNCC. Real liberals are a threat to the political establishment as practiced by both parties, that’s why I send them some money.

  3. Elaine No he isn’t intersted but he says the spouses are out with other women.

  4. Swarthmore mom,

    Scarecrow isn’t interested in “little old ladies” who supposedly aren’t getting any from their monogamous spouses.


  5. S M & a n

    I have the utmost respect for Mike Spindell, if he is who I think he is, because he has earned it. This guy isn’t earning any from me, and I’m surprised Mike is a fan, if he is. I’m also impressed with Debbie W-S.

    Mr. Klein’s opponent is an even bigger jerk than Grayson (I think most of what he is supposed to have said is true – they do have the tapes) and he should be easy to take down in the ballot box by simply showing his hateful speeches, and writings, and appealing to voters’ reason.

    There are enough problems with Grayson’s opponent that he shouldn’t have needed to pull Tea Party tactics. If I wanted a Tea Party candidate, I’d support one.

    Mr. Graysons letter actually says:

    “So let’s try to help him. We have set up a webpage where you can contribute to Ron Klein’s campaign (and ours, too, if you wish).” AND OURS, TOO, IF YOU WISH – You Betcha.

    I think this guy acts EXACTLY like Joe McCarthy – say WHATEVER it takes to get the publicity. Like any bully he’s after the power and when he gets it he will use it for more bullying.

    A demagogue is easy to spot from afar; and that’s just where I want to keep them no matter what party they belong to.

  6. Buckeye:

    that Grayson guy is smarmy and got caught with his hand in the nasty jar.

  7. Buckeye:
    “S M
    Maybe not, but I think Grayson may start a Tea Party Left if he keeps up his bully boy tactics. …

    Sorry, but this guy is as smarmy as they come. He looks and sounds like our old friend Joe McCarthy.”


    The tea party policies are diametrically opposed to the stated views of Grayson and Grayson is no radical. If the political landscape hadn’t shifted so far to the right in the last 30 years Grayson would be called a garden variety liberal. He won’t start a left wing teabagger movement but he and Kucinich might be the best people to start a functioning liberal wing of the Democratic party or a Liberal party.

    I’ll second Swarthmore mom also, Grayson is nothing like Joe McCarthy; hell, he’s not even a self-loathing gay man. Joe McCarthy? Srsly 🙂

  8. anon nurse My sister was in their weddings, but I don’t know those congressmen. I just found it surprising that they are both in trouble particularly the one in Florida.

  9. Swarthmore mom,

    I was mostly kidding about the “connections”” thing, but the “smile” didn’t appear at the end of the comment. It’s distressing to think that we might lose Feingold — I so hope that he somehow ekes out a victory.

  10. Anon nurse I don’t know these congressmen. My sister is not that political although she was calling into Wisconsin for Kagen today and the response was not that good for either Feingold or him.

  11. Swarthmore mom wrote: “Mike Spindell lives in Florida and he is a fan of Grayson so I will go with that.”

    Ditto to that.

  12. Buckeye,

    Grayson was/is fund-raising to contribute to Klein’s campaign, apparently. The following is from the link in my prior comment:

    “Locked in a tough re-election campaign, Democrat U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson took time out today to tap into his formidable fund-raising machine.

    But not for himself. Grayson asked his supporters to contribute to fellow Democrat U.S. Rep. Ron Klein of Boca Raton.”

  13. Buckeye,

    It’s hard to ferret out the truth, sometimes. Shouldn’t be, but it is. I have a great deal of respect for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, though, and she’s expressed her own concerns about West regarding misogynistic comments and the like.

    I don’t know if what Grayson is claiming about West (in the above letter) is 100% true but, we should be able to figure it out. (The Taliban Dan ad is questionable, to be sure, and Grayson did dodge some of Cooper’s questions…)

    (The Wasserman-Schultz story can be found via the above link.)

    Given your connections, Swarthmore mom, maybe you can find out how much of what is said in the letter is true.:-)

  14. Buckeye Klein’s opponent is a tea party member and so is Grayson’s. They lump all democrats together so what if he lumps all tea party candidates together. Mike Spindell lives in Florida and he is a fan of Grayson so I will go with that. We need some outspoken democrats that don’t get pushed around or even physically assaulted by the opponents. Grayson is a hero to the progressives. He does not sound like Joe McCarthy at all.

  15. S M

    Maybe not, but I think Grayson may start a Tea Party Left if he keeps up his bully boy tactics.

    His using the remarks of an opponent of Klein’s to raise money for himself is as ridiculous as the Tea Party candidates using President Obama’s remarks to raise money for themselves.

    Sorry, but this guy is as smarmy as they come. He looks and sounds like our old friend Joe McCarthy.

  16. Swarthmore mom :

    From what I can see the tea party will soon be like the dog that finally catches the car and says,now what do I do with it.

    For there is a lot of back and forth of what they want,but no “REAL” specifics.

    It seems that some of the people I see at their rallys are on Social Security do they want that privatized ?

    I’m quite sure some are out of work and may be getting unemployment benefits,do they want that program done away with ?

    We’ll soon see.

  17. anon nurse

    After the completely ridiculous “Taliban Dan” ad Grayson ran against his opponent, why should anyone believe anything he says?

    Grayson is a loud mouthed jerk and a Tea Party Left politician which the Democrats definitely don’t need.

    Here is Anderson Cooper nailing him on his ad. Watch him wiggle.

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