Alcohol More Dangerous Than Heroin: Irish Unfazed

The London-based Centre for Crime and Justice Studies is reporting on research suggesting alcohol is more dangerous to society than crack cocaine and heroin. Published in the British medical journal Lancet, a panel of experts evaluated the psychological and social problems associated with alcohol using a new scale. Alcohol received a score of 72 on a 100 scale besting the more well-known illegal culprits. Crack and Heroin were still the most dangerous drugs to individuals, however.

Irish pub owners were not impressed pointing out the study was co-authored by a Dr. Nutt, who also opined that horseback riding was more dangerous than ecstasy. Nutt rated ecstasy a “9” on his scale, by the way.

Pay no attention to this tea-totaling drivel there, JT.  The Chablis Grands Cru tastes amazing while sitting along the ChampsÉlysées.

Source: CNN

– Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

3 thoughts on “Alcohol More Dangerous Than Heroin: Irish Unfazed”

  1. The only exceptions being the wars on common sense and our liberty.
    Also the war on the poorer waged by the super-rich if Warren Buffet is to be believed.

  2. Good to see we’re not misguided in our oh so useful war on drugs.

    As the greatest comedian, Carlin, once noted: whenever we start a war on something, it always seems to fare quite well after that..
    Just look at the war on poverty, the war on drugs, the war on crime, the war on AIDS, the war on cancer..

  3. I see the effect alcoholism has on families and individuals quite often. Drinking alcohol socially in moderation seems to be okay for most people. We,Irish, seem to have more than our share of alcohol related problems or should I say tragedies. I tell my children to be careful as their genetic make-up puts them at risk. Then, I have to let them go lead their lives.

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