Republican At Heart

Finally, definitive proof that at least one Wisconsin Republican voter has a heart. Sixty-Nine year old Terry Kopplin was planning on a trip to the polls Tuesday to do his patriotic duty when he began having chest pains. He was rushed to the hospital where emergency surgery was conducted to insert a metal stint into a coronary artery. The life-long Republican regained consciousness in the recovery room and immediately demanded a ballot to vote for Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker. A friend secured the absentee ballot and brought it to Kopplin who voted in the hospital. Wisconsin law permits hospitalized citizens to vote by absentee ballot up until 5:00 p.m. on Election Day. Walker is projected to win the race handily … er, heartily?

Source: MSNBC

–Mark Esposito, Guest Blogger

22 thoughts on “Republican At Heart”

  1. SwM,

    Until the bad mortgage paper is taken care of I don’t see things improving and if left to fester then I fear things will get worse.

    In my week of door knocking the economy is what everyone wanted to talk about. Remember when Clinton beat Bush I … it’s the economy stupid …

    The win in the House isn’t going to mean a thing in 2012 if the Republicans don’t help to improve the mess they spent so many years creating … the Independents will just swing back to the Democrats … it’s a crazy time

  2. I caint hep it, but I have been wonderin’. I woncer if Mike S. got a Republican or Democrat heart?

    I guess at this point, one good workin’ Rebublican heart in the chest is worth 2 Democrat hearts in the bush…

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